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Insurance Understanding the basics of life insurance will ensure that you get the coverage you need in case of emergency. Without life insurance or without adequate coverage, you could be faced with crippling medical debt in the event of a sickness. Illness and injury can befall anyone, no matter his age. You should fully investigate your health care options. In America today, the PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) is the health insurance plan of choice for the majority of people with private health insurance. PPOs require you to use in network doctors and facilities, but do not typically require referrals for specialists. PPOs usually require you to pay a co-pay when you see your doctor, or go to the hospital or a walk-in clinic. Based on the strength of your insurance .pany, and where you live, there may be many doctors and facilities available for you to choose from, or there may not. This is definitely something that should be researched before making a decision to join a PPO plan. No matter what type of insurance plan you choose, there are several factors that are the same. The more you pay for your monthly premium, the less your co-pay will typically be. Mental health and substance addiction coverage are not part of the standard medical coverage, but may be offered by the insurance .pany, depending on the .pany and the state. If you are switching insurance .panies, and you are already receiving treatment for an existing medical condition, it is absolutely critical that you find out if your new insurance will cover the pre-existing condition, if not it may not be worth it to switch. Another type of medical insurance plan, which is a fairly new product that is being offered, is the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). With the HDHP you will establish a Health Savings Account or a Family Savings Account, with pre-tax in.e, that will be used to pay your medical expenses. Preventative treatment is typically covered by the HDHP plan, and you use the money in your account to pay for your other medical expenses, including doctor visits and prescription drugs. HDHP does not limit you to in .work doctors or facilities, since you will be paying the costs yourself, however some HDHPs may have a small group of doctors that will give discounts to plan members. Finally, the HMO, or Health Maintenance .anization is an insurance option for older adults. HMO plans vary widely by state. In all HMO plans, however, you will have to select a primary care provider. Before you receive any specialist treatment, you will have to go see your PCP. He or she will issue you a referral. Like a PPO, HMO plans operate using copay and coinsurance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: