Memories From Eric Clapton

Music If you happen to be a fan of Blues and Rock and Roll music then it wouldnt surprise me if you were then a fan of the one and only Eric Clapton. To me, music plays a huge role in my life and I have nothing but utter respect for a musician who can transcend the limits of certain musical boundaries. Eric Clapton is one of those artists who have gone above and beyond where the average artist only dreams of going. Clapton started in a band called The Roosters and gradually began creating a name for him self. One time in England, a guy spray painted graffiti on the wall of a Tube Station saying Clapton is God. If that doesnt say enough about him already, then you might want to do some research. In a short time period, the amounts of Clapton fans were growing rapidly and his popularity was sky-rocketing. Truth be told, I could go on and on about his accolades and ac.plishments but one thing that truly sets him apart from most in my book is that he is a fighter and an over .er. He has witnessed many losses in his life and has struggled with hard-core addiction. In my 9 years of performing in bands and experiencing the life of a musician, I can honestly say that there were times when I had struggled with addiction. The fact that Eric Clapton successfully cleaned up his life and has been sober since 1987, and still continues to travel and do tours, at his age is extremely inspirational to me. With six Grammys in his pocket and known as a triple inductee in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Clapton will for sure go down in history as one of the most authentic musical geniuses of this day and age. There are a few specific Eric Clapton Songs that bring back special memories in my life. The song Wonderful Tonight is one that always reminds me of my first love. Every time I here Tears in Heaven it reminds me of a certain special time in my life that had huge significance to me. Ultimately, Eric Claptons music has had somewhat of an impact on my life and Im sure the lives of many others as well. If youre an admirer, then youd be apt to read his biography at ericclapton… Theres some pretty amazing and eye-opening content pertaining to his life. Eric Clapton is touring right now in the present and is still living the dream. Thanks to this legend, I have high hopes to continue with music until my lungs give out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: