Memories of killing! Naruto September TV animation first intelligence pppd-175

Memories of killing! "Naruto" September TV August first animation information, "Naruto" TV animation version in the soil will die the story to another climax. Recently, TV animation 696 to 698 words written notice is also disclosed, in this notice we can see 696 and 697 words will be Naruto and Sasuke in the war, after the battle of two people will move toward reconciliation in 698 words. In 696 to 697 paintings, Naruto and Sasuke at the end of the valley of mutual confrontation, Naruto Sasuke earnest persuasion let him give up two against (so here and now, and Dun mouth) of words, Naruto Sasuke two people turn a deaf ear to stubborn, in the case of fruitless negotiations both sides have resorted to the strongest Ninja the battle started. In the 698 picture, the two sides resorted to the strongest ninja, four eyes relative, and remember when young people in two leaf village live scene, so this is the rhythm of two people to recall reconciliation after killing? In addition, these three sets of production team is also very strong. Kurotsu Aki, Yamashita Hiromiyuki, Lu Tanaka these names together than people really have blind feeling, feeling the three episode animation picture to burn up a bomb, looking forward to it.相关的主题文章: