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"Meranti" transit Fujian tea – Anxi mutual self-help Beijing new network in Anxi in September 17, (Sun Hong Zhang Xiaobin) typhoon "Meranti" transit, "China Oolong Tea township of Anxi County in Fujian severely affected, part of the township and city serious waterlogging, fallen trees, farmland flooded, causing economic losses estimate of nearly 600 million yuan. 17, 2009, Anxi county villages and towns after the disaster recovery and reconstruction work is carried out in an orderly manner. Reporters in Anxi County 99 Tiancheng vineyard see grape branches scattered leaves, I shed distortion, a dilapidated scene. "All the films have all gone, the grape also almost no loss, heavy steel is, probably fell by half." The vineyard owner Chen Xiaoping is leading the workers to start self-help, he said, "the original more than and 100 acres of vineyards have two results, mostly introducing fine varieties in Taiwan, the rain and the wind makes the garden direct damage to about 3000000 yuan, the cost is not cheap again." If the labor shortage, we will try our best to coordinate, the town government will come up with some money to supplement." Anxi Tiger Town Party Secretary Zhang Wenshen said. Lantian Township nine letter CA Cun product source animal husbandry Co. Ltd is responsible for Yang Shuquan and township and village cadres, enthusiastic villagers together, holding a spade a spade, a shovel to clear the whole farm has two days. "Farm many trees were blown down or uprooted, chickens and ducks circle severely damaged, color plate, cement tile roof was blown away by wind, the garden vegetables were all flooded." Speaking of the disaster, Yang Shuquan very sad, "the death of more than 2 thousand chickens, ducks dozens dead, chickens and ducks circle all need repairing, really suffered heavy losses." Yang Shuquan said, in everyone’s help, death has all the harmless treatment of poultry, nearly ten thousand chickens and ducks live all the safe transfer. At present, the chickens and ducks circle renovation, disinfection and epidemic prevention and treatment of livestock and poultry cold work is in an orderly manner. Lantian Township Mayor Liu Xiaodong said. "We will do a good job of post disaster damage surveys and statistics, actively seek relief grant funds and materials to the higher authorities, to relieve the financial pressure to resume production." As at 17 o’clock, Anxi County, the affected population of 193 thousand and 200 people, more than 500 houses were damaged and destroyed, the affected area of farmland affected by an area of 98 thousand and 900 acres, the destruction of water conservancy facilities damaged, damaged the water station 2, 410. Anxi County Agricultural Bureau of tea has been sent to the township guide crop loss report, gusun bumiao replant, effectively reduce the loss. Insurance companies are also stepping up farmland damage and other claims and claims. Other post disaster recovery and reconstruction, the production of self-help and disaster damage assessment report damage continues. It is understood that, as of 17 am, Anxi has restored power supply of 90%, while the remaining damage to the power grid will be restored to normal power supply in the evening, all of which will be restored by. (end)相关的主题文章: