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Million annual salary of 120 home premium in Ningbo Wanan wise will make people high salary of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center envy, almost every booth was crammed with people. Yesterday, as the major part of the science and technology talents of the eighteenth Ningbo municipal high level talent introduction fair, held at the International Convention Center 7, 8 exhibition hall and Kaiyuan hotel. Enterprises and institutions in order to attract talent to the various tricks, three tricks is the most powerful angufei, career preparation and high salary. The cause of the preparation of attract many graduates this contact will be divided into open and closed two, were held in International Exhibition Center and Kaiyuan hotel. Open conference site set up 4 areas. In the state-owned enterprises and institutions directly under the area, each booth team is a long. Municipal Construction Committee under the Ningbo underground space development and utilization of management service center stalls, only an hour, they received a resume. "We only recruit 3 people, but they can enter the cause of the preparation, the requirements of graduate students. To so many candidates, may be the cause of the cause of the people look at it." Responsible for recruitment of staff said. In order to attract high level talents to work in Ningbo, many units also open a high allowance or housing subsidies. In Colleges and universities and the education unit area, Ningbo Dahongying University opened a very good general condition: Dr. give payment for 200 thousand -30 million, -60 million to 500 thousand outstanding doctoral angufei. They also for the discipline of leading talent out of the task of the annual salary of 300 thousand yuan, research start-up costs 300 thousand yuan, and 1 million 200 thousand yuan to settle charges. Of course, the discipline of leading talent requirements are very high, including academicians, Changjiang Scholar Professor, winner of national outstanding youth fund etc.. Magic ultra high salary is to attract talent in addition to the cause of the preparation and installation fee, ultra high salary is also a magic weapon to attract talent. The current high-end innovative talents closed fair organized a total of 85 units participating, including silver billion group, Ningbo ningshing holdings, Yurun, Shanshan Group, and large enterprises. These companies launched a total of more than 350 jobs, the demand for talent of the 510. The job includes the general manager and deputy general manager, director of administrative personnel, office director, postdoctoral research personnel, software engineers, senior mechanical engineer, Senior Electrical Engineer etc.. All positions for high-level personnel, the annual salary of more than 150 thousand yuan. Among them, the annual salary of 150 thousand -30 million yuan, 293 jobs, 300 thousand -50 million yuan annual salary of 32 jobs, mainly concentrated in the financial, production manager, project management, sales, quality director, design engineer and other positions; the annual salary of 500 thousand yuan more than a total of 7 jobs, mainly in investment, operation, administration, research and Development Engineer jobs. Post the highest annual salary of 500 thousand yuan to 1 million yuan, Ningbo beer Mingjiang Equipment Co. Ltd. is the general manager of a salary. The company’s chief executive officer Xu Chenbing introduction, because the development of enterprises has been relatively mature, so the boss wants to hire a professional general manager to manage the company. Annual salary is high, the requirements of nature is also high: the requirements of mechanical engineering background, college degree or above; more than 5 years working experience in large enterprises, and.相关的主题文章: