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" " LAI; limited: Miss monk Buddhist activities didn’t see mother last side – Beijing northeast network October 13th news (reporter Lei Lei) by the end of September 2016, Heilongjiang province all levels of entry court dishonest debtor list of up to 167 thousand passengers, a total limit dishonest debtor purchase tickets 96045 times 5416, train 14080 times 5466, restricting the exit of more than 600 people, the province’s industrial and commercial administrative management department of the debtor and the implementation of the market access qualifications limit 1045 times, more than 1.3 people due to disciplinary and actively fulfill their legal obligations, there are 1 members of the National People’s Congress was removed from the representative qualification. Today, the Heilongjiang Provincial Higher People’s court held a news conference, informed the recent Heilongjiang courts at all levels to combat dishonest cases typical cases. Don’t fly high in iron, not out, loans do not down, many years of business cooperation partners also have the termination of cooperation, because the debt is not, Heilongjiang old Lai who is experiencing a dishonest, always limited the distress situation. The debt is not limited by high iron man regret the plane missed mother contract dispute last side Zhang and Hu trading case, by the Heilongjiang provincial Nongken Bei’an Court (hereinafter referred to as the Bei’an reclamation court) decision, the defendant Hu in November 24, 2015 before the one-time payment of the plaintiff Zhang 58 thousand yuan. Since Hu in the performance after the expiration of the time limit does not fulfill the obligations in force judgment on 1 June 2016, Zhang Bei’an Nongken court for enforcement. Land reclamation in Bei’an on the same day the court filing execution, to Hu delivered an enforcement notice in accordance with the law, ordered deadline to fulfill the obligations specified in the legal document, but Hu refused to carry out and evade legal obligations. Bei’an Nongken Hu court shall be included in the list of dishonest debtor. In August 17th, Hu took the initiative to find the Bei’an land reclamation Court Executive Board, demanded an immediate one-time payment of 58 thousand yuan zhang. After the court staff learned that the original Hu in Guangzhou during the work, because his mother was dying, Hu Guangzhou evening to buy air tickets to Harbin, Baiyun Airport to the ticket, Hu went to the Guangzhou Railway Station to buy high-speed rail train again rejected. Hu learned to railway station after consultation, because it is included in the court of dishonesty blacklist, unable to buy tickets, high-speed rail tickets and soft sleeper tickets, train or bus ride only ordinary. Hu did not see the last side of his mother, his behavior is very remorseful. In August 17th after his mother’s funeral, Hu, take the initiative to contact the Bei’an Nongken executive staff of the court and will be 58 thousand yuan in arrears once fulfilled. Hu said that due to the fault of their own to bring a lifetime of regret, citizens that want to do after a law, law-abiding. The monks are restricted to sit high iron Buddhist activities Miss Wang and Lee pay active private lending contract dispute case for debt, by the Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Court of Jixian county (hereinafter referred to as the Jixian county court decree), the defendant Lee to the plaintiff Wang to pay the principal and interest of loans totaling 94 thousand yuan. Because the defendant Lee did not perform.相关的主题文章: