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More than 300 overseas Chinese in Fujian First Overseas Chinese "Syria ‘- Beijing Township Development in new Ningde on 13 November, (Lv Qiaoqin leafy) fifth world Gutian Association family reunion conference 13 in Gutian County in Fujian, from 32 countries and regions, more than 300 ancient overseas Chinese nationals gathered in this field, cheerfully nostalgia, enhance friendship, talk about the development. Gutian is the focus of Fujian overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese have 317 thousand people, nearly 100 thousand people have returned overseas Chinese, and known as "the first Fujian Overseas in the world. "Today, we all come back, back to our ancestral home." Overseas Chinese representative Chen Zupai said that overseas Chinese family reunion can borrow this platform to contact the feelings, strengthen the connection between each other, and to share the achievements of economic and other fields, to explore the possibility of cooperation. The Gutian Association of family reunion conference sponsored by the global independent Gutian overseas nationals folks, held once every 3 years, the first held in Malaysia in 2004, has gone through 12 years, to become the world’s Gutian folks who exchanges, emotional integration and promotion of family reunion will be home Gutian, Gutian is home to the development of the event to give counsel. The fifth World Conference on Pro Gutian townsman "Hester and Gutian" as the theme, "the idea of leveraging the construction of The Belt and Road", further expand overseas compatriot friendship, expand exchanges and cooperation, promote leapfrog development in Gutian. Gutian county Party Secretary Zhong Changhua said, I hope you folks to the family reunion conference as an opportunity to further strengthen contact friendship, promote nostalgia affection, actively participate in home construction and development, to jointly promote the "Millennium water, health Gutian" construction. During this family reunion, reunion will be held in Gutian forum, sea Association Congress in Ningde City, the first overseas Chinese calligraphy and painting exhibition and other activities, organize the return of folks visit Linshui Palace temple, consultation to determine the sixth world Gutian Association family reunion conference venue, time and organizers etc.. (end)相关的主题文章: