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Travel-and-Leisure A beach holiday is more than just a tour package for travellers and thrill seekers. It offers a high-life style quotient with a dash of carefree fun. So, look forward to sunbathing on a beach or playing beach volley. Wear your favourite clothes and party all night long on stunning beaches. Feel your adrenaline spike through fantastic adventure sports. Life has never been quite worth living until youve experienced such moments. What you are looking at is not just a tour package. A beach holiday can be getaway for some that imbibes a pinch of leisure, fun and adventure. All this, though, leads up to the real question. Which are the best beaches for these holidays? Hawaii Holiday Packages: In one part of the world, you can find a beach like Kovalamin Kerala. While sunsets are spectacular, the sheer beauty of Hawaii offers you a new summit of experiences. These islands stand as the pinnacle of carefree leisure experience. You may have other beach destinations in mind. Butthe Aloha culture and secluded islands of Hawaii ensure that you have one of the most spectacular beach holiday experiences. This is one of the most popular US holiday packages for a reason! Mauritius Holiday Packages: A short distance away from the African main land, this island offers an unadulterated experience, replete with blue waters and great spots for adventures. True to its African origin, Mauritius is blessed with astonishing natural diversity. Scan the depths of the Indian Ocean or the heights of Little Black River Peak the highest mountain peak on the island. The sheer variety of flora and fauna will surprise you and mesmerise. So, dive into the ocean or take an aerial view through sky diving. Adventure is an inseparable part of any Mauritius holiday package. But, these beach holidays are known for private beaches and fantastic parties as well. Immerse yourself in adventure and the natural beauty of this island with the perfectly rounded Mauritius holiday package! Phuket Holiday Packages: Dotted with magnificent beaches, Thailand is a breathtaking destination. However, Phuket is one beach destination that has all the makings of the perfect beach getaway. It is not part of every tour package, though. But, this .mercialised and well equipped beach is a phenomenal leisure experience for all. The western coast of Phuket has amazing beaches that offer .plete privacy while the south-west coast offers some of the most popular beaches in Thailand. Flooded with distractions, this island is the perfect tour package for leisure and adventure. There are many new islands being discovered every day in the world of travel. But, the coveted islands on this list have carved the perfect tour package for your beach-going experience. While each offers a different flavour, each also .e with a magical appeal and infrastructure to enjoy without inhibitions. So, why dont you let the magic begin with your next beach vacation? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: