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My boyfriend bought 13 million fake certificates of deposit money only when the bride price girlfriend know cheated out of 13 million yuan by the bank to identify fake certificates of deposit holders and 13 million fake certificates of deposit to the bank to withdraw money. Source: micro-blog bank and monitor screenshots recently, the Agricultural Bank of China Yangzhou Jiangdu branch ushered in a "multimillionaire" Zhuang (a pseudonym). Zhuang took a 13 million yuan deposit to withdraw money. After careful identification of the bank staff found that the deposit certificate was a forgery, then the alarm. Yangzhou City, Jiangdu police investigation found that Zhuang hand turned out to be her boyfriend a pack of fake certificates of deposit (a pseudonym) to her "bride price", but I do not know zhuangmou certificate is false. At present, this wonderful boyfriend on suspicion of the crime of forgery financial ticket was arrested. Modern Express correspondent Wang Chengxin Huan ZAKER Nanjing correspondent Zang Xiaosong amazing deposit she hurried to the bank to do business, the deposit is 13 million yuan for the day of the incident, about 10:30 in the morning, 40 year old woman came to a Village District an agricultural bank, go to the counter, from the bag and took out a deposit to the teller, I’ve written a deposit the 13 million is ""! This is the teller startled: this list is too big! Agricultural Bank of China Jiangsu branch official micro-blog post discloses this "deposit", modern express reporter noted: This is a savings deposit, a lump for storage. "Bank" for the Agricultural Bank of Yangzhou Jiangdu branch of a Limited by Share Ltd China, in time for the September 22, 2016, the amount of 13 million yuan deposit, deposit period of one year, the annual interest rate of 1.75%, expires on September 22, 2017. A false seal and deposit account so there is a problem, the bank teller found police officers soon, this deposit is wrong, the amount of more than 100 thousand of the deposit will have an electronic chip, and this album is up to 13 million of the deposit were no electronic chip, "this deposit is false!" The idea of a teller rises from the heart, he turned around and asked the woman, "you this deposit is where?" Zhuang said, is a boyfriend to. The teller said, this deposit has a problem, need to be verified. Check found in the deposit is directly printed up like seal, specifications, certificates of deposit accounts, opening outlets and other information are also a problem, is full of mistakes! After the certificate of deposit was proved, the bank called the police. "How could it be?" Heard that the deposit certificate is false, Zhuang incredible. Police investigation before he was released from prison, spent 250 yuan to do fake deposit certificates girlfriend quickly, the new district police station rushed to the bank to understand the situation. Zhuang then took her boyfriend to the police station with a packet investigation. Zhuang told police that this deposit is a boyfriend gave his "bride price", "we’re getting married in November." Zhuang this year, about 40 years old, and a package of this year, the age of 24. According to zhuangmou introduced in August this year, she and a packet of knowledge, then the feelings quickly warming, has come about marriage. Package once said he was the demolition, the family removed a lot of money, but in the custody of the grandmother. After a long time to get together, put forward to look at the deposit certificate, a package of 8相关的主题文章: