My girlfriend has a glass heart dating for three months regardless of the occasion. xpphone

My girlfriend has a glass heart dating for three months regardless of the occasion. "You do, you do not mind me!" Lin Tian girlfriend on the phone with a roar, the head as her boyfriend Xiang Bin feel helpless and depressed. Two days ago, they began the cold war, contact less than three months, the cold war time than good time, this is because Lin Tian has a glass heart, always love temper as trivial, this time is strange to bin in her quarrel with others when she didn’t help. Cross the road without a hand to be angry Xiang Bin 27 years old this year, Bayi Road, Monument for Liberation, a restaurant. The 24 year old girlfriend Lin Tian, is a make-up artist. Two people at a friend’s wedding, love for three months. Review the past three months, Xiang Bin gave Lin Tian label is: glass heart, a little small explosion. Xiang Bin said many times, Lin Tian always rather baffling angry, afterwards told him the reason: crossing the road not in hand, not the Qixi Festival morning information etc.. "Sometimes I don’t think she’s mad." Xu Qiao at Liziba wealth center, Xiang Bin and Lin Tian is at her wedding, Lin Tian is her good friend. Xu Qiao said, Lin Tian is a very kind-hearted person, what will help, but the drawback is the heart of glass. Once friends together to play the cattle hill, from then on, did not participate in the activities of Lin Tian would not contact with everyone. After half a year is not easy to take her out, she said that the friends to play the cattle hill without her, she felt certain friends all have opinions about her, don’t want to play with her. She is said to mediate I was two days ago in Daping oil road subway station, Lin Tian and Xiang Bin take the escalator, the two standing side by side, two girls want to let Lin Tian me behind. Cried a few times, they did not pay attention, the girl behind came to Lin Tian aside: "don’t know right on the escalator?" This sentence angered the Lin Tian, she let the girl give yourself an apology, three people quarreled in the escalator. Lin Tian even wants to begin, Xiang Bin hurriedly pull side, side to take her away and tried to mediate. Go to the street in the era of A at the entrance hall, Tian Lin took his hand away, turned ugly: "what do you mean, you didn’t say a word! Too over!" Before Xiang Bin explained, Lin Tian directly took a taxi at night, don’t answer the phone. Yesterday, Starbucks in Monument for Liberation, Xiang Bin told reporters about this feel very depressed: "I really don’t want to stay, but each other or two female, can only be moved." I can’t stand the glass broke up with Xiang Bin said, his girlfriend Lin Tian called again, but this time Xiang Bin did not answer. He said he was considering whether or not to break up with his girlfriend, a few months to get along, the more you want to feel more than two people do not fit. He can hardly bear Lin Tian glass heart, feeling his girlfriend is a time bomb at any time because of a variety of casual small explosion. Afternoon, the reporter to Xiang Bin friend call Lin tian. She told reporters, perhaps because of the sake of the family, so lead to their own personality is sensitive to change, although know that this character is not very good, but also to change相关的主题文章: