Nanchong college students handstand walking speed of the world’s fastest 50 meters in just 26.09 sec

Nanchong college students handstand walking speed of the world’s fastest 50 meters in just 26.09 seconds Nanchong (micro-blog), the map of the world on a very small city. There is a university in the city, China West Normal University, in many universities in China is not very famous. In this city, the University, a student to create the Guinness book of World Records – 50 meters with two feet on the ball the fastest pace. Walk on, he not only go on the CCTV Guinness China night, was also invited to London by Guinness records, the most important thing is that his life attitude and outlook is due to the unique way of movement change and development…… As a normal person, why does he have to walk on his own, what is the world record for his life? Huaxi Dushi Bao take you approached the inspirational young man, listen to his story. Inverted walk 50 metres in 26.09 seconds early autumn rain, Xihua University Stadium, senior Zhang Shuang is walk upside down, knees holding a volleyball, a brother in the side of the applause. He is the world ‘s 50 – meter double – foot ball on the fastest pace of people, only when the 26.09 seconds. It is difficult for ordinary people to connect their dreams with their dreams. How did Zhang Shuang do it? Zhang Shuang, Nanchong, Pengan (micro-blog), like sports since childhood. Primary school to participate in the school sports games 50 meters race took the first grade. "At the beginning, every afternoon after school at the school track team high school seniors in the training run, my heart is very urticant, also want to go to school, track and field coach thought I was joking, but then I did not agree to impress him. In this way, I officially started my sports career." Junior high school, Zhang Shuang entered the school track and field team, became the only junior high school students. Junior high school, Zhang Shuang will be able to stand on his feet up, do more than and 20 push ups on the wall. Adjust the state of the college entrance examination, Zhang Shuang occasionally seen on the Internet, a sentence: inverted five minutes, equivalent to sleep for two hours. Nanchong District high school teaching building a piece of open space, the papers do tired, Zhang Shuang was on the ground upside down, can go on the four or five step. After each handstand, feeling much better, but also into the tension of the college entrance examination review. Graduated from high school, Zhang Shuang was admitted to Xihua normal university sports institute. The inverted dream he came up in 2013 from the year at, CCTV held the Guinness China night for Zhang Shuang’s dream into power, then 37 year old Huang Zhongyu challenge to walk on the 100 meters world record failed, this prompted Zhang Shuang to warm his afternoon. "Can I walk 100 meters on my head?" There are some basic inverted Zhang Shuang constantly pressed to yourself. He was around teacher and friends say their inverted dream, most people did not quench, more than two years of professional training, it is impossible to walk that far! The question is where to go for professional training?" Never lose the Zhang Shuang on his own practice, without any help, he fell down many times, multiple body injuries. Sophomore elective courses, he had taught weightlifting teacher Wang Wu, Wang cheerful, warm and amiable." On the third after class, Zhang Shuang put his own dream to tell him upside down, and live performances upside down, more than 50 meters recorded相关的主题文章: