Nanning fixed asset investment growth rate of 324 billion 556 million higher than the national

Nanning fixed asset investment growth rate of 324 billion 556 million higher than the national

Nanning evening news (reporter Meng Juanjuan correspondent agricultural ginpar) recently, the reporter from the Nanning Municipal Development and Reform Commission, January 2016 to November, the city’s investment in fixed assets investment 324 billion 556 million yuan, an increase of 13.5%, the growth rate than the national and the high. Thanks to the Nanning city last year, vigorously promote the enterprise services online approval, investment projects to implement the "lack of capacity up system, strengthen the coordination of services for major projects, broaden the financing channels for enterprises, the major projects to promote the smooth. At the same time, after a long period of time, the Nanning municipal administrative examination and approval Bureau will be officially run in the near future.

approval matters online to go after the lack of fill fast speed

number of reading: there are 18 departments in the online examination and approval of the hall on the line, there will be more than 300 government services on the line; to December 19th last year, the city reported a total of 1136 projects on the Internet

past companies to declare the project, to the government service hall to submit material declaration. Last year, the top-down implementation of the online examination and approval, so that enterprises on foot, so that the network multi foot, convenient for many companies. Last year, Nanning City, relying on the "Internet plus" government services, promote the application of investment projects in parallel approval supervision platform, to December 19th last year, the city’s total use of reporting platform of 1136 projects, the approval of the project 785, approved 12 projects, 339 projects for the record. Built a set of public information, convenience services, online approval and other functions in one of the Nanning City Hall online approval system, providing guides, forms, business consulting, online bidding, schedule query, result feedback, complaints and suggestions to the online service for enterprises and individuals, so that people can stay at home. Currently, there are 18 departments to complete the line on the 106 issues, and actively promote the third batch of more than 300 kinds of government services on the line. By then, the online examination hall system for online reporting matters will reach more than 400.

to the government service center was found less than the same material, but also run back and forth to fill the material, which makes many companies feel that the project is really a toss up. Last year, the city of Nanning on the optimization of the approval process, allowing enterprises to invest in the project material is not the first owed".

from the beginning of 2016 June, Nanning city officially launched the enterprise investment projects lack of capacity replacement "system," the lack of capacity up after missing the admissibility of the 11 departments involved in enterprise investment projects 83 non trial matters of requirements of a total of 208 materials, allowing some audit materials within the prescribed time for lack of practice the missing elements of non acceptance and approval, increase the early approval of the project preparatory investment enterprise tolerance, strive for the time for business. As of November 30, 2016, the municipal government service center has been handled 3836 items missing.