Nanning, the only child of a family card was run by the relevant departments unknown aizi

Nanning, the only child of a family card was run to do the relevant departments: unexplained birth only child in January 1, 2016, parents can voluntarily bid for the one-child certificate, and enjoy the relevant policy benefits. As a proof, the one-child certificate has a strict examination and approval procedures. Recently, Nanning City Qin granny was found in the family without the knowledge or application, granddaughter of "one-child certificate" by others for. "On November 11th, Qin Laotai to complete the" one-child certificate ". Staff marked May 6, 2011 has been handled, the card number 24698 after the material returned. 1. Strange: no application documents have been issued but granny who lives in the Southern District of Qin, Nanning, 2010, son and daughter after the marriage, the choice and the elderly living together, the birth of a daughter. Qin granny said, when the newborn granddaughter, the family are very happy, in accordance with the prevailing policy, daughter can then give birth to a home, want to have a child, so there is no rush to apply for a "one-child certificate". With the daughter grew up, changed the whole family idea, think of a child is also very good. In November 11th this year, the principal daughter son-in-law, retired Qin granny, came to the area of stone ridge neighborhood, want to bid for the "one-child certificate". The staff responded to her surprise: as early as May 2011, her granddaughter’s only child card was handled. Subsequently, the staff returned to the Qin old application materials. The South China Morning Post reporter saw this was returned to the application materials, including marriage certificate, birth certificate, account of this and all other documents for the "one-child certificate" and a copy of the required. On the first page of the application form, the reasons for the refund marked May 6, 2011 has been handled, card number 24698, and stamped with the official seal. 2. Toss: ask to ask that "news" in accordance with the relevant provisions for the "one-child certificate" shall be voluntary for parents, and provide relevant materials and evidence, after a number of departments, and then be released. "How did you check it? Be replaced by others, we will not be able to do?" Qin granny said, because the child to reimbursement of medical expenses before the end of the year, to "one-child certificate", the relevant departments can not explain the reason, do not give credit. She ran to the stone ridge neighborhood committee, the staff said that they are not competent enough, the streets do in the investigation; run to the area of Fujian Park Street office, the staff said that the area of population is too much, by the neighborhood survey. The reporter learned that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "one-child certificate" for the documents state have handling staff; when licensing, the parties will also be required to leave a signature and telephone. As long as these two key points, the investigation should not be difficult, why delay the relevant departments to deal with it? In November 15th, the reporter to follow the old Qin once again came to the stone ridge neighborhood. Responsible for planning, staff explained that their neighborhood was established in 2013, 2011 for the documents, they have no reserves, can check on the computer, Qin old granddaughter has been handling the documents. Event truth front相关的主题文章: