National Day Golden Week railway passenger trips to record high tamiflu

The National Day Golden Week railway passenger passengers hit a record high in October 6, 2016, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, eleven National Day holiday near the end of travel, travelers visiting relatives get together to return to the Hangzhou East Railway Station to usher in the return peak, huge crowds of people waiting in the hall. Xu Kangping photo source: visual Chinese original title: National Day holiday coming to an end railway traffic peak fell in new Beijing on 7 October, (reporter Zhou Yin) the 7 day is the last day of the National Day holiday, China railway traffic peak fell. China Railway Corporation expects 7 national railway passenger will reach up to 12 million 570 thousand passengers. Reporter 7, from the China Railway Corporation was informed that since September 30th, the national railway passenger volume over the past 8 days more than 10 million passengers. National Day Golden Week transportation 10 days, the national railway is expected to send visitors to 108 million passengers, an increase of 9.3%, a record high National Day holiday transportation. In October 7th, the national railway is expected to open 659 passenger trains, which cross the Railway Bureau in the long-distance passenger trains to 90 569 passenger trains, railway bureau. According to statistics, in October 6th, to open the national railway passenger train 601, sending passengers 11 million 393 thousand passengers, an increase of 11.6%. Among them, the Beijing Railway Bureau sent 1 million 93 thousand passengers, an increase of 7.2%; Shanghai Railway Bureau sent 2 million 248 thousand passengers, an increase of 18.5%; Guangzhou Railway Group sent 1 million 388 thousand passengers, an increase of 11.7%. Railway Corporation official said that the golden week transportation railway passenger record high, one is the adjustment of national economic structure results, tourism, business, visiting relatives and other people travel demand, reflects the development of the national economy further to the good, and at the same time, personnel and equipment to accelerate the flow greatly spawned the vitality of economic and social development; on the other hand, the railway company in the foundation of the play into the high-speed rail network advantages, according to market demand to optimize transportation organization, passenger travel, especially to meet the demand for passenger travel destination. In view of the rapid growth of the National Day holiday passenger travel, the railway sector to increase investment capacity, in October 7th, the Shenyang Railway Bureau additional 25 pairs of passenger trains, 34 of EMU reconnection operation; Nanchang Railway Bureau in the train station additional personnel and guide youth volunteer service; Hohhot railway passenger traffic increased by 20%, by an additional train travel expand, train marshalling etc., proper arrangements for visitors return; Xi’an Railway Bureau to provide "pre triage services" in the focus of the station, and do the sick and other key pregnant passenger flow guidance and personalized service in advance, to ensure the good order of the station car. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: