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Navy spokesman announced the details of the   South China Sea exercises; seize control of reefs will be bright — military — officially announced the morning of September 11th, China Russia joint maritime -2016 exercise time, waters, and other information subjects. According to public information, the Sino Russian exercises in the northern South China Sea, located in China’s coastal waters, is not a disputed area. Navy spokesman Liang Yang said that China and Russia will be held in Guangdong, the East China Sea in the East China Sea airspace joint maritime -2016 joint military exercises. Institute of naval military academic researcher Zhang Junshe 11, Global Times reporter, said the exercise site selected in the South China Sea is normal. First, since the Sino Russian joint naval exercises held in the coastal area of China has been carried out in Beihai, the East China Sea Fleet area, the South China Sea to the South China Sea Fleet as the main force is a normal arrangement. In addition, according to the announcement of the exercise site, Sino Russian military exercises held in the coastal China, is to enhance the defense capability, and foreign countries frequently sent ships and planes to the South China Sea exercises provoking situation in the region is completely different. The biggest difference between the United States and China’s actual combat exercises is that the Sino Russian naval exercises did not take any country as an imaginary enemy, did not take a third country as a potential opponent. Its purpose is to improve Russia’s maritime defense capabilities, of course, this ability also represents the strategic deterrence capability, deterrence to attempt to commit misconduct in my country." Zhang Junshe said. According to the sea area of China announced that the exercise is not in the disputed waters of the South China Sea, but in China’s coastal, in their own home exercises. This objective is to reduce the stimulus to the relevant countries, reducing the likelihood of the outside world for the Sino Russian joint malicious speculation and excessive interpretation. At the same time, China and Russia for the first time in the coastal Chinese launched three-dimensional took control of reefs drills, also showed a considerable deterrent. According to Liang Yang introduction, the exercise between China and Russia participating troops including surface ships, submarines, fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, Marines and amphibious armored equipment, the two sides will focus on joint air defense, joint anti submarine joint air and sea search, the United fighters took control of three-dimensional island reef, search and rescue, joint boarding and inspection subjects walkthrough. Liang Yang did not disclose the two sides of the participating vessels, scale of forces. However, according to previous Russian official sources, a total of 5 Russian ships participating in the exercise, including two large anti submarine ship, "admiral Terry boots" and "admiral Vinogradov", as well as a large landing ship "Per Les Vee", in addition to a supply ship and rescue ship. Zhang Junshe on the Global Times reporter, said the exercise subjects and forces have two characteristics. The first is stereo took control of reef drills. This is the first time China and Russia joint maritime exercises in the coast of China to conduct landing operations drills. Landing and anti-ship, anti submarine, air defense is the basic combat capability required by Navy, took control of three-dimensional Island drills, the two sides to cooperate in the organization, and troops landing operations and tactics, the navies to improve the combat capability of landing. Secondly, Russia sent a large landing ship for the first time to participate in China’s coastal exercises. "Pelles waite" is the former Soviet Union special)相关的主题文章: