Nebula master most want to do the KMT chairman of the KMT rebirth ca1477

Grand Master: most want to do let the Kuomintang KMT Chairman: Rebirth grand master wanted to do most of the Kuomintang KMT chairman let rebirth according to Taiwan media reported on September 6th, Taiwan the Venerable Master Hsing Yun Long often published editorials, this month by the magazine interview, he talked about cross-strait pattern and political observation, asked if there are 50 years to continue Dharma, what you want to do most things? Master Hsing Yun said, as chairman of the Kuomintang party, let the Kuomintang rebirth, first man, not bureaucrats, not the boss. Said by Master Hsing Yun "global views" magazine interview, if he wants to make when the KMT chairman, to start from the mayoral election, his ideal is to begin to choose grows in social charity, training service, graduated from college at the age of 30 members of the county and City Council election, 35 elected legislators, 40 years after the presidential election. These we must learn from the age of 20, to allow young people to participate in the election. "I’m not a monk, I have to choose!" Master Hsing Yun said that if the KMT chairman when he will not submit, gathered her promotion, because of "a team". According to the cross-strait situation, Master Hsing Yun believe that cross-strait relations like the tango, "I told you, I can enter, he also believes that cross-strait relations like" Basketball "," love "," the mainland to Taiwan to Taiwan to the mainland to rational compassion." For president Cai Yingwen and the new government, Master Hsing Yun remind should watch less military construction, should look at nursing homes, orphanages and poor areas, force is not important, but let people feel hunger and safety, is the most important, "the dynasty is very dangerous. I am very worried about the safety of 23 million Taiwan compatriots." Master Hsing Yun man: release Nebula (August 19, 1927 -), the name of Li Guoshen, fahao thorough understanding, the believers are often called the grand master. Jiangsu Yangzhou (Jiangdu), twelve years old in Nanjing, Qixia will open on the monk temple ceremony. The forty-eighth generation of Lin jizong. In 1945 the Qixia law school dharma. In the spring of 1949, a group of monks arrived in Taiwan. Founded in 1967 Fo Guang Shan, and served as the first and the two or three Buddha Temple abbot. China served as consultants, Kuomintang Central Standing committee. The current international blia world always president of Nanjing University, Chinese Culture Research Institute honorary president and other staff.相关的主题文章: