Net about car bill

net about car

who lives in Chongqing, Mr. Zhao, more than two months ago called a network about the car, in February 8th this year, but received a net about car Bill: Travel 3.1 km, but when used more than 66 days, more than 40 thousand yuan fare. How is this "sky bill" generated? Reporter to investigate.

zombie order becomes wonderful bill

2016 November 13th at around 22, Mr. Zhao in Chongqing North Railway Station, with easy to taxi software called the driver Tan master about the car. After a long time, Mr. Zhao did not have to wait for the car, they call the driver; Tan Master said that he had received a person, and go to the destination. "The driver took the wrong man, but let me cancel the order." Mr. Zhao did not agree that the order is not the fault of their own problems, that night, the master did not go to meet Mr. Zhao zhao.

afterwards, Mr. Zhao will be complaints to easy to customer service, waiting for easy to reply, while Mr. Zhao will also use the easy to software online about the car. After half a month, Mr. Zhao received the easy to handle the results of Tan master: a fine of 500 yuan, and study for some time.

however, throughout the process, this order has not been canceled. Until the day of December 3, 2016, Mr. Zhao received a message to remind him of the order in November 13, 2016, has been started by the driver Tan master valuation.

I did not care, after all, this order is a problem, the driver was also punished by Tan master." Mr. Zhao said. However, on the morning of February 8th this year, Mr. Zhao received the news of the end of the trip. He opened the "easy", was shocked: "the driver of the master completed the trip", a total of 3.1 kilometers, with a time of 1598 hours and 13 minutes (from December 3, 2016 03 to February 8, 2017 19 at 9:16), costs a total of 40838.66 yuan.

this zombie orders from the beginning of the valuation of the wonderful bill, even strange to continue for 66 days. The removal of the previously stored 230.05 yuan, Mr. Zhao also need to pay $40608.61.

this car fee will naturally not recognize mr.. "From the first complaint to the present, why is this happening? Why is there an abnormal cost, ‘easy to’ not found in time?" But he was also worried that if you do not pay the fee, will affect personal credit.

easy to the staff Pan Yue said, when the passengers to cancel the order, also tell the customer service do not cancel, insisted that the driver and the driver also cancelled; and did not cancel, then unilaterally start the trip, causing passengers extra cost. At present, the easy to have the right to dispose of the bill, the passengers did not lose and be recognized; the presence of malicious brush behavior of the driver, the platform has been with the secretary;