New Wave Of Android Tablets Is Going To Rock The World-yvette yates

.puters-and-Technology According to the marketing research, in 2015, the turnover of the global tablet .puters will be growing to $49 billion which is just after television and PC, the third largest consumer electronics market. Until 2015, shipments of global tablet PCS will reach 149 million, eight times growth than the number in 2010. As we know, things always improve. The pace of innovation from both a hardware and software perspective is simply staggering and its accelerating. .panies are playing for keeps, and so are users. In 2011 April 26, Sony launched its first tablet .puters based on Android 3.0 in an ambitious attempt to grab the No.2 spot from Samsung in a fast-growing market dominated by Apple’s iPad. "Expectation are low that any .pany can present a credible challenge to Apple." said Jay Defibaugh, director of equity research at MF Global in Tokyo. Sony’s tablets join more than 100 iPad challengers based on Android, and may struggle to differentiate themselves, although Sony does have the advantage of being able to link the tablets to its gaming and entertainment offerings. Before this, larger manufacturers such as MOTOROLA, LG, HTC, samsung, Toshiba and acer are already released Android tablet .puter of different sizes and categories. But the market is still dominated by apple iPad, and HP and RIM are expected to gain their market based on independent development of the operating system. But without a doubt, Android is open source software developed under the watchful eye of Google while Android tablet has been already the biggest .petitor of iPad. Apple might lose its lead status as early as 2012, say some experts. ‘By the end of 2012, Android tablets will rapidly overtake the iPad in market share, forecasts expert Sascha Pallenberg during the Droid-con developers conference in Berlin. In the .ing months, .panies like RIM, LG, Asus, Acer and Hewlett Packard will all bring iPad .petitors to market. Many of them run with new Android software dubbed Honey.b, designed especially for tablet .puters. The large demand of Android tablets also brings business opportunities to countless enterprises in China. .pared with mainstream brands, more and more OEM orders from all over the world are boosting. Being a top online services website, ShopSimple provides convenience and direct .parison for tablets and other electronic products from China. And it is all good news for consumers, who might get to enjoy lower and sinking prices of tablets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: