Ningbo born comic performance artist Wu Shuangyi died of illness at the age of 90

Ningbo born comic performance artist Wu Shuangyi died of illness at the age of 90

in 1963 by the invitation of Premier Zhou Enlai, Wu Shuangyi et al Beijing into the Zhongnanhai Hall of Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Dong Biwu, Chen Yi, Li Xiannian and other central leaders show large comic opera "spring". After the performance, the people’s daily, the author wrote it as "a socialist farce".


is on stage but in Wu Shuangyi make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks swordsmenand stage, is another. In my impression. He is a man of good character. Although the stage performances can be very funny, but usually is a ‘scholar’ artists." Wu Xinbo said.

according to reports, Wu Shuangyi had many funny exploration in theory, has published the "funny memories," recorded "understanding", "burlesque movie, you this" friend "", "new", "one-man show the audience more popular, more sober mind" and many other articles. In 2005, he published more than 60 papers by his memories and anecdotes. "Wu Shuangyi himself" essay.

is not only theoretically, Wu Shuangyi also learned words and deeds. During the decades of the Shanghai comedy troupe, Wu Shuangyi is not only busy performing, but also takes time to learn the lessons. "He has trained many later artists, like Qian Cheng now Shanghai burlesque stage is more famous, as well as other comedian Zhou Libo can be said to be his students." Wu Xinbo said.

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Qian Cheng, also said that their generation is very lucky, more than ten years into the group, Wu Shuangyi to teach them, so famous actors, give them a group of children in class, not only there is no shelf, and very very seriously: "we can speak the Shanghai dialect is the standard now, Mr Wu in a word to help us correct out of practice."

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burlesque: Shanghai’s crosstalk and sketch

farce is a kind of Chinese local opera, originated in Suzhou, is now popular in Shanghai and its surrounding areas. It consists of Shanghai folk "monodrama" influenced by foreign comedy, farce and the Jiangnan local opera gradually formed. It takes Shanghai as the language of expression, while a large number of imitation of Taihu Wu dialects, performing form similar to the north and the comic sketch.

comic opera popular in the century from 20s to early 40s, was performed at Shanghai radio and the amusement park, such as South of Jiangsu and Zhejiang church, Hangjiahu area also often flow performance. Comedy play comedy and farce, in order to attract people to laugh for the artistic characteristics, pay attention to plot funny, exaggerated performance.

it from the comedy of the opera, folk art, folk songs and foreign music can concurrently and used the original repertoire, mostly drawn from folk jokes, social news, or adaptation of the civilized drama repertoire. Comedian to speak "