Ningbo seventy elderly stroke care wife at night with a rope handle even the bed

Ningbo seventy elderly stroke care wife at night with a rope handle even the bed

a recent afternoon, the sun shines through the window warm, Fei’s wife Chen Peizhu Cen sat quietly watching the show on the sofa, see there are people greeted us with a smile.

Chen Peizhu died of pulmonary embolism leading to stroke, half of the body paralyzed, unable to speak, daily living on a care look at Cen Fei, quietly watching his wife, cen Fei smiled and said: "before the worse came through, can be restored to now, I have been satisfied, as long as she still, life is all right."

for male flying Cen said, memories are painful, he remembered every detail of his wife at the onset of disease. Chen Peizhu has been in poor health, from 1996 onwards, suffering from lumbar disc herniation action inconvenience, daily life on 2012, CEN Xiongfei care, Chen Peizhu suddenly suffering from cerebral infarction, pulmonary embolism, doctors diagnosed as thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension, currently no cure. August 16, 2015 at three in the morning, Chen Peizhu after the toilet can no longer move. Must be sent to the hospital immediately, or else his wife would not." CEN Fei is nearly 70 years old, did not move back to his wife, emergency, he found a chair, put his wife tied on the stool, and put his granddaughter together and carried it to the downstairs.

arrived in the hospital, Chen Peizhu’s situation is not optimistic, the doctor bursts four times in critical condition notice. One day, the doctor put the cen Fei call to the office, at the same time that his wife politely asked about his illness to his economic situation. At that time, Chen Peizhu lived in the ICU, day ten thousand yuan medical expenses have exceeded their economic affordability, "run out of money, I can sell the house, even if there is a glimmer of hope, I will save her." Such answer.

after full treatment, Chen Peizhu out of danger, but the follow-up treatment process is long, because the body can not move, Chen Peizhu’s moment can not be separated from the people. In order to save money to better use in the treatment of his wife, please don’t care Cen fei. He said that taking into account the economic pressure on the one hand, the most important thing is not assured. "Others take care of themselves are not always satisfactory, but I am still doing the move." In five months, Ningbo second hospital, cen Fei unless necessary, never get out of bed at night, half a step, he beside his wife a little bed, a mobile phone set the alarm rang once every two hours. "The most afraid of paralytic bedsore, must turn a body for two hours." In addition to strictly follow the doctor’s advice, he is still not assured, every night when lying down, he will be in his left arm, a rope tied to the other side of the bed fence. "She can’t speak, but the right hand is still active, I always have to sleep to take care of her needs, if the middle of the night to drink water, just pull the rope, I can know." For five months, CEN Xiongfei sleep is not undress, lest they sleep too comfortable, ignoring his wife.

at three p.m. that day, when Chen Peizhu was doing rehab