Ningxia development and Reform Commission agreed to carry out a comprehensive pilot reform of the po yuria

The Commission agreed to the Ningxia power to carry out a comprehensive reform pilot of national development and Reform Commission on the National Energy Board agreed to the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region power to carry out a comprehensive reform pilot reply made by [2016]2046 were reported to the people’s Government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region: "the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region people’s Government of Ningxia submitted to the integrated power system reform pilot implementation of the letter" (Ning Zheng letter 2016 No. 102 received). After study, the reply is as follows: first, agree to the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region power to carry out a comprehensive reform pilot. After consultation with relevant departments to form the "revised summary views of Ningxia autonomous region electric power comprehensive reform pilot scheme" is attached, please make perfect the reform of electricity transmission and distribution, power trading institution, the construction of electricity market, electricity, electricity sales side reform plans to release special pilot program, submitted to the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Bureau for the record. Two, strengthen organizational leadership, accelerate the implementation of reform. Please the autonomous region to strengthen the organization and leadership of the pilot work of the Autonomous Region People’s government responsible departments, the National Energy Bureau Northwest Supervision Bureau of division of labor and cooperation, carry out their duties, and strengthen the power grid enterprises, power generation enterprises, with all aspects of coordination and communication power enterprises, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, improve work cohesion, form a work force. In accordance with the "opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the reform of power system" (in the 2015 No. 9, hereinafter referred to as document No. 9) the spirit of the supporting documents and the reform of power system, based on a comprehensive and special pilot pilot program, combined with the actual sound matching measures, focus the work, accelerate the formation of power independent trading institutions, promote the overall development of electricity transmission and distribution, electric power construction, electric power market trading mechanism, implement the plan, the electricity power distribution side of reform tasks, to ensure that the reform has made substantial breakthroughs. Three, grasp the direction of reform, standardize the pilot. High degree of social concern of the power system reform, the impact of a wide range, the situation is complex, we must adhere to the correct direction of reform, to ensure that in the development of the document No. 9 and supporting documents within the framework to promote the pilot, to prevent the pilot direction. The pilot should always adhere to the following principles: one is to adhere to the principles of the market price, shall not take orders against the direction of the reform measures, reduce the price; two is to adhere to the principle of fair competition, to meet the conditions of the market subject equal open sale of electricity business and incremental distribution business, not to specify the way to determine the main administrative power sale and the investment subject; three is to adhere to the principle of energy conservation, should be implemented in accordance with the provisions of differential power prices and punitive tariffs of the enterprise, shall not take the opportunity to change the relative price and provide preferential electricity subsidies. Four, steadily push forward reforms to ensure the safety of electricity. In the pilot process, to establish the problem discovering and correcting mechanism, new situations and problems that appear in the pilot to respond flexibly and effectively prevent the risks may occur in the pilot process, to ensure network security, protect the livelihood of electricity, timely reporting of major issues of economic reform work of the inter ministerial joint meeting (special power). Before the operation of the electric power market, it is necessary to carry out the simulation operation, strengthen the understanding and analysis of the operation of the market, revise and improve the relevant theory in time相关的主题文章: