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Nobel economist: the euro zone or to "split" Italy has "abandoned Europe" May – Beijing, China News Agency, Berlin in October 6, Nobel Laureate in economics, Columbia University professor Joseph Stiglitz? 6, German media said that the lack of confidence in the euro zone reform prospects. He expects the euro zone will remain in the next ten years, but it is likely to be unable to preserve its existing 19 member states. He also points out that Italy has the potential to pull out of the euro zone. Germany’s "world news" web site published 6 of Joseph Stieglitz’s interview?. He made the above remarks in an interview. Former world bank chief economist Skei Siti Gorlitz said that in the long run, don’t expect the European political community can save the crisis ridden eurozone. He pointed out that members of the lack of decisive reforms to take decisive measures, such as the establishment of a banking Union, the deposit insurance and other major reform initiatives missing. "What I’m worried about now is that the speed at which Europe makes decisions may run out of time. When politicians are about to agree on what measures to take, the opportunity is missed." Skei Siti Gorlitz believes that Europe lacked "break the rules" necessary for the unity of heart. He pointed out that if the euro zone incapable of action, will face the fate of fall apart. "Ten years later, there will be a ‘euro zone’, the question is whether it will be today." Skei Siti Gorlitz said, the euro zone is almost impossible to retain a total of 19 member states. There will be a few countries in the euro area, it is hard to say." In early 2015 when Greece faced political change on the occasion, the German "Der Spiegel" reported that the German government is ready in case cannot but allow Greece to exit from the euro zone. Skei Siti Gorlitz also analyzed the risks of Italy’s exit from the euro zone. He said that in contact with the people of Italy, the country’s feelings of disappointment in the euro is growing, while economists and politicians in the country also hold the same sentiment. "It will not be long before Italians realize that Italy is" not functioning well "in the euro area." Skei Siti Gorlitz gives pessimistic expectations. The United States from the financial crisis so far signs of economic recovery, while the euro zone has not yet completely out of the doldrums. For this contrast, Skei Siti Gorlitz said that the United States and Europe in terms of human and natural resources, institutional mechanisms are similar, the biggest difference is that the euro." (end)相关的主题文章: