Non Beijing family in Beijing buy a residence permit

Non Beijing family in Beijing buy a residence permit in the implementation of the "Interim Regulations on the" Beijing residence permit, "temporary residence permits" upgrades "residence permit". And buy a house has a close relationship with the residence permit, so aroused widespread concern in the community. Recently, many readers have called the "Beijing morning news", asking how to use house residence permit, residence permit application condition is what, what materials need to apply for a residence permit, the Beijing morning news reporters invited experts to answer five questions about the residence permit. 1 how to use a residence permit? In Beijing residence permit (hereinafter as residence permit) to replace the Beijing temporary residence permit (hereinafter as temporary residence permit), non nationals in Beijing to buy a house with a residence permit. Content center chain home network intellectual property expert who wins male said, "non nationals who need to meet two conditions to buy a house in Beijing, which is in Beijing to pay tax or social security for five years; with a valid residence permit. In the sale of housing transactions, non Beijing family purchase qualification, must have a residence permit. So I plan to buy a house in Beijing, non nationals, must first apply for a residence permit." 2 residence permit application conditions? In the real estate transaction service center Liu Bin explained, in accordance with the relevant provisions, living in Beijing for more than 6 months with a legitimate and stable employment, stable legal residence, one of the conditions of continuous studying non nationals in Beijing, can apply for a residence permit. 3 what materials need to apply for residence permit? "To apply for a residence permit of non nationals, they shall show their identity card or other valid identity documents, submit my recent bareheaded photos, proof of residence time, proof of employment, or the domicile certificate, or certificate of study." Ceng Shengnan said. Liu Bin said, "in accordance with the relevant provisions, including proof of residence time Laijingrenyuan temporary registration information, is still in the period of validity of the temporary residence permits to prove residence time of the materials; proof of employment including business license, the labor contract, the employer issued by the labor department or other proof can prove that there is a legitimate and stable employment materials proof of residence; including housing lease contract, housing property certificate, the purchase contract or the lessor, the employer, the school issued proof of accommodation; certificate of study including student ID, student can prove other continuous studying materials issued by universities and scientific research institutions." 4 take the card for how long? In accordance with the relevant provisions of the government, commissioned by the public security organs of the police station or community Laijingrenyuan registration service agency decided to accept the application, it shall be submitted by the applicant reported to the district public security organs. "The public security organs in the area of human resources and social security, industry and commerce administration, judicial administration, housing and urban construction, land resources, education administrative departments, examine relevant certificates in accordance with their respective duties respectively for the applicant to submit their identity, residence time, employment, residence, School of materials." Liu Bin said, "to meet the conditions, within 15 days from the date of receiving the application, the relevant departments issued to the applicant for a residence permit; do not meet the conditions, the relevant departments should inform the applicant in writing and explain the reasons." Due to special circumstances can not be issued a residence permit"相关的主题文章: