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Nutritionists have recognized the beef soup, taste fresh, tasty food and drink – Sohu if it is to entertain friends at home, the flowers do not worry, there are so few relatively good Home Dishes, as long as there is meat, even if the heart can be at ease. But in treat entertain friends, always worried that let people eat uncomfortable, always ask if there is a taboo before one by one. Recently several times, found that the party with friends to eat Yunnan food, never wrong. Whether it is fried chicken or beef or fish are refreshing, not greasy. During the meeting, I love to cook this madman, also wondering how to put the light and health practices into the daily diet. This is the flavor of peppermint sirloin, the more successful a. Fresh mint leaves collocation fragrant sirloin, put less oil, taste fresh, fragrant beef, especially fine chemicals, mint Qingxin Runfei taste will increasingly rich. So a good food, must be used to share with friends, autumn and winter, we eat meat to eat a small fresh, so that the surprise and happiness to stay at the tip of the tongue. Ingredients: 500 grams of potatoes to sirloin: 2 (big enough 1): the amount of mint (preferably above this Stemmy cut, not just the mint leaves, stems with more rich taste of chilli): 4-5 (do not eat spicy food will not release): 3: the 3 star anise pepper: Ten tablets: 1 small grains ginger garlic: 5 seasonings: soy sauce, cooking wine, with soy sauce, salt, sugar practice: 1, wash and cut square piece of sirloin, potatoes peeled diced, soaked into the water. 2, ginger shred, chili, pepper, anise preparation and geraniol. 3, into the amount of heat oil in wok, then add dried pepper, pepper, stir fry after filtered, as long as the bottom oil. Then add star geranium and onion ginger until fragrant. 4, and then into the sirloin, stir the fire to change off students. Add 1 tablespoons of cooking wine, 1 tablespoon soy sauce and half a teaspoon of soy sauce, continue to stir fry, then pour into the water before the beef. 5, then turn off the fire. Put all the ingredients into the pressure cooker, pressure for 20 minutes, then pour into the potatoes, add salt and sugar, keep the pressure for 10 minutes. 6 here, if you do not mind, and flowers, just 20 minutes after the high pressure of beef, into the wok, add potatoes, salt and sugar, until the soup to reduce viscosity. 7, this time in the mint, stir into the soup, the mint, the delicacy is done. From the frying pan to the high-pressure and pan, is to taste flavor, of course not time. Use a pressure cooker, can make meat fast ripening, while not reducing the soup, if this process is used in frying pan, soup is certainly lose a lot of course; do not use a pressure cooker stew flavor, so also need to change to do wok, add vegetables, then simmer, add flavor taste, does not make the vegetables too bad. Pig’s trotters, beef, you can do it. [flower] senior writer original delicacy multi platform from the media from the media column the signing of the global authority Claudia Rui media sign oh相关的主题文章: