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Okafor 19 points 76 second wins 27 points will cut 2 pairs of Wal – Sohu negative wizards sports in Beijing time on November 17th, the NBA regular season in 11 games, including 76 people in Philadelphia home court to a 109-102 victory over the Washington Wizards, ushered in the second win of the season. Okafor had 19 points and 5 rebounds, 27 points and 4 rebounds while wal 6 assists, but the wizards or 3 defeats. He and Potter were two wizards inside cut 10+14 and 15+13 pair of performance. Four score (after 76 people): 15-29, 33-30, 28-29, 26-21. Throughout the first half, the home of 76 people with a high hit rate of up to 60% always control the situation on the field. The Wizards single only 5 respectively, and no one to score more than 5 points. In 76, ilyasova scored 8 points, and substitute Saric also got 7 points. In section second, Wizards of the hit rate has improved, but 4 in the 1 world. At the end of the second half, the 76 men are still ahead of 59-48 by a factor of 11. Into the second half, Waldo led the Wizards began to counterattack, he only score 4 in the first two cases, the second half scored 23 points, from the end of the game with 1 minutes 30 seconds, the wizards will narrow the difference of 3 points. After Holmes hit 3 points, Rodrigues two free throws, 76 people to help seal the victory. 109-102, 76 people in the second win of the season, and the wizards are losing streak. Wizards: first, Mcclellan, Maurice, grant and Potter 76 first team: Okafor, Henderson, Rodrigues, ilyasova, corvington (Luan Taiwan)相关的主题文章: