On the other side from the north to the south of -24 in Las Vegas

mention Las Vegas, many people’s first reaction is the casino, but in fact, there is another romantic name in Las Vegas: the city of marriage.

wedding city

has read "when Beijing meets the love letter of Seattle," the friend must remember Wu Xiubo for two old people in a church in Las Vegas held a wedding ceremony and received a marriage certificate scene.

according to statistics, the average annual in Las Vegas registration of marriage between men and women have about 100 thousand, from around the world who chose here married, perhaps because the Las Garth marriage registration is simple.

according to the law of Las Vegas, more than 18 years of age for men and women, can go to the marriage registration office to receive a marriage certificate. In addition, there is a marriage committee can also handle.

here, just say to your sweetheart, "honey, let’s get married!" Don’t have to queue up, do not have a blood test, do not have to wait, even on weekends and holidays have night office marriage registration office, as long as 5 minutes, you can complete the marriage!

therefore, many visitors to Las Vegas can not stand the temptation of a strong local wedding atmosphere. Watching a pair of sweet lovers, the White Chapel of Las Vegas, and everywhere the marriage of advertising, there will not rush to get married under the impulse current.

married in Las Vegas, in addition to speed, there are many tricks. The church wedding can choose the romantic tradition, or arrange quite avant-garde wedding, wedding balloons helicopter or other lustrous and dazzling way of marriage, and the 1960s Vintage Wedding, back in medieval Europe’s royal wedding, wedding crashers…… It’s all about everything. In addition to the official registration unit, Las Vegas Hotel, most of them can do many restaurants, even with all kinds of theme wedding suit products, visitors for reference.

remove the romantic wedding scene, the local people known as the "The Strip" ("Las Vegas Avenue North to Fremont Street", "south tropical Avenue"), luxury casino and hotel buildings, is the essence of Las Vegas tourism area. Here every day, there are all kinds of the world’s top Show, it is worth to visit a different taste of tourists.

top " show "

, Cirque du Soleil

, the world’s leading Cirque du Soleil, known as the "national treasure" of Canada, is the world’s largest and fastest growing drama production company. The circus they made is a subversive;