One of the most fantastic place (preface and postscript)


decided this collection in December 2015. Because it is difficult to forget, the military life, again and again to the border line of interview, met again with the soldiers, as well as the wonderful tears and a stare.

uniform in the body, mission in the shoulder, not the same as the soldiers doomed to express emotion. Most of the time, meet, acquaintance and parting are in a word, no matter what kind of emotion must be promptly hit bag, even the chance to say goodbye, saying goodbye. Deep friendship between comrades, many times do not need to annotate, but after many years, still remember.

as a soldier, I have been accustomed to such understanding heartily, but also easily dare not face between comrades farewell. Because I know the truth, will let the tears flow as long as there is no cover, met the same eyes. Most of the time, do not dare to say goodbye, would rather let the tears of friendship in the heart of the best watering place.

forget, those in the army commanders at all levels, when stationed in the Gobi desert, frontier and island of grass roots and found objects, married, they are flashing fortitude in the eyes of the tears of happiness.

forget, I had the honor to participate in the air force by the political organization of a heroic deeds report group. Thousands of college students had just entered the school, sit in to listen to the pony on the bar, a piece of the eye is pure sea. I instantly read, and the sea will look like the kind of knowledge, strong, bloody and noble.

forget a soldier named Tian Jiao, first met her at the scene, deeply in my memory, never lost. She was the daughter of a pilot who died, the offspring of a hero, and a graduate student with a dogged determination and spirit. At the age of 12, he lost his father for a long time.

in this collection in the article, every one is ever touched my story, I would like to put it in the condensation in his writings, into the text, engraved in the time.

out of this book, I have a wish, thanks to give me encouragement and help, the teachings of the teachers, comrades, teacher and my relatives in my growth. When I graduated from college, an old professor wrote in my book: the language of news should be like your name!   it’s not my pursuit of journalism. When the soldier "story" "recruits story" editions, from teachers, comrades and peer encouragement is so precious, very down to earth, thank you for the reader’s spiritual feast "," well written, grass-roots army cadres should learn". This encouragement, but also put forward more stringent requirements for me.

still remember that every time his parents took her daughter did not see the article, with the appreciation of the eyes of repeated reading of the scene, it was a warm time ah. Every time with my brother and sister, with our own love and children;