Only women in rural areas and the Three Gorges Reservoir Resettlement next year college entrance exa-vstart

The only child in rural areas and the Three Gorges Reservoir Resettlement next year’s college entrance examination policy to cancel this year’s college entrance examination registration requirements have changed. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal education examination, the 2017 college enrollment time for the November 23, 2016 ~12 month 2 days, all candidates are required for electronic photography, art candidates need to collect the fingerprint information. Of particular note is that the only child in rural areas and the Three Gorges Reservoir Resettlement care will be canceled, the candidates can not declare these 2 entries. The only child and the Three Gorges migrants can no longer declare admission can be jiafenzhaogu compared to previous years, this year higher vocational education to increase their skills of elective subjects (art or music); the national special (14 poverty-stricken counties), high school graduates two candidates are required to declare synchronization in the online registration; with other types of care characteristics of the candidates can receive the corresponding declaration in the registration according to the provisions of the declaration. In addition, from 2017 to cancel the only child in rural areas and the Three Gorges Reservoir area to take care of immigrants, candidates are no longer declare the above 2 items. It is reported that apply for municipal institutions in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area Resettlement candidates admissions can add 5 points Toudang; apply for municipal colleges in Chongqing Province Rural daughter, line 5 points can be regarded as the line up. Foreign students can not apply for admission in the field of Chongqing Yu Chongqing City Education Examination Yuan said, Chongqing candidates can not borrow in the field test, must go back to Chongqing to apply for. In the field of study for a long time in Chongqing household registration candidates, within a specified time to return to the registration area where the county entrance examination institutions set up registration points for registration procedures. Registration should be ready for the second generation ID card, residence booklet, the field of high school during the study of the file, the comprehensive quality evaluation report, academic proficiency test scores and other materials, as well as the provisions of the registration fee. Need to remind that the information related to the identity of the candidates voluntary reporting, college admission, university student registration and employment, need to accurately fill out, once the college entrance examination confirmed that the identity information can not change. The children of migrant workers must be three years of living and studying the actual education examination student said, migrant workers Suiqian children of non Chongqing household register for the common entrance examination, the candidates and the father or mother shall hold the Chongqing municipal public security authorities issued a "residence permit" or "temporary registration certificate", his father or mother must have in Chongqing and more than three years work experience and proof of residence, candidates must have our city high school for three consecutive years to complete and actually attended school. Have the three complete school (including the official approval of admission, the City Board of Education decided to implement flexible educational system, credit system) or equivalent graduates can apply for Vocational enrollment. Candidates to apply for higher vocational candidates (except for the arts), must have the corresponding categories of vocational qualification certificate or hold the professional practice of the operation of the skills to prove (proof of job). Non English language candidates to see the designated counties to centralized registration according to the requirements of students in school districts and counties (autonomous counties) set up the entrance examination of the application point of application, the other candidates in the account where the county (Autonomous County) set up the entrance examination registration point.相关的主题文章: