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Open rejection mode? The all star 7 in 0 that he aimed at MVP [] Lillard highlights star scored 37 points and double paralysis lore Beijing time on October 30th, a total of 9 games of NBA today, the eagle and the 76 people at war, the score not much suspense, but the great Joel embid de continues to have a dazzling play. The rest of the session, the human and the Hornets, opponents two game winning streak end; the Bulls beat the Pacers 3 games to send the Magic Knight; 3 defeats; spurs 3 game winning streak to 3 straight eyebrows brother pelican, Anthony – Davies scored 95 points in two after the end of significant weakness, the audience only got 18 points; Nicks beat the Grizzlies to get the first victory of the new season; the bucks and nets dogfight to the last second of the game, John Henson shot the bucks on lore opponent; pioneer Lillard rely on the quasi lore overtime victory over the Nuggets; the king wave flow reversal minnesota. The next "NBA" today’s black list for you: special gongbang: Damian Lillard (Portland): Lillard said earlier this season they are directed to MVP, from the current perspective, language practice. 27 15, 2 three, 5 free throws in 5, 37 points and 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals, 1 blocks, plus two Lillard time! In the fourth quarter, Wilson – Chandler two free throws, but only for the Blazers with 2.9 seconds left the smart moves off Lillard gap, Mason Plumlee hint to the ball to pick the team, Lillard drifted away from the gate of hell. Overtime, and is responsible for Lillard last attack, no fancy moves, each step arc rapid breakthrough of Ed marker Kenneth method, scoring the basket 0.3 seconds left ejection, denver. 3 105, Lillard broke down in 1984 Kiki – Vandeweghe 93 points of the season three game scoring record, has become since the 1963-64 season twenty-eighth opening three games scored 100 points and players. He is the team sixth to 50 single game 30+ player, the last 10 years, only James, Durant, Wade and Anthony than he used infrequently. He joined the Blazers team after overtime 17 wins and 7 losses. This year, he should not be missed all star, right? Avery Bradley (Celtic): 19 in 11, the three pointer 11 8, 31 points and 11 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steals. 8 points, 11 rebounds, a small AB war hit a new high of individuals of the top two. In fact, the Hornets played good, Kemba Walker scored 29 points, but they could not stop Bradley’s hot hand. 8 record of three points, a record of only one point away from the Celtics single record of only one, the record is still Antoine – Walker, but it does not seem so safe. AB said after the game, he decided to do more in this year’s game and rebounds. When the reporter asked the Celtics who is MVP, Bradley said: "Jia Yi – Claude." This is the coach Stevens would like to build the team, it is also the fans love the green shirt army place, right? Denis Schroder: gongbang (Eagle): 7 voted 4 to 11 points and 3 rebounds, 11 assists and 1 steals, and only 2 turnovers, the German flotilla rondo. The eagle is known as the eastern spurs bench is an awesome many generals and ample soldiers.相关的主题文章: