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Ecommerce watchmyitems.com allows consumers to have a new and better way to get hold of out-of-stock items on Amazon. Because of Amazon.com’s popularity, in-demand items tend to go out of stock fast. Consumers will have to wait quite a while until they can purchase what they are looking for. However, they are often left clueless as Amazon does not tell them when it restocks the items and often by the time they hear from others or check back at Amazon, the restocked items might have been snatched up once again. With a wide variety of items, from gadgets to clothes, books, home appliances, grocery items, sports equipment, video games, musical instruments and a lot more at great bargains, it is no surprise that lots of consumers find themselves in this scenario. This is where watchmyitems.com comes in. watchmyitems.com keeps track of out-of-stock items and alerts consumers as soon as they become available at retail price from Amazon.com – not from third-party retailers who often double or even triple the cost to take advantage of the shortage. The online tool at A-Grabber.com is not only very easy to use, but also free of charge. All consumers have to do is type in the Product ID or the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) which is unique for each product or the ten-digit ISBN in the case of books and click on Watch this Product. The product details will then be displayed in the main box, including the inventory status which refreshes every five seconds. Once the item is in stock, an alert message will pop up on the screen. An alarm will also go off, which is useful for those who are away from their computer at that moment. Consumers can then proceed to the product page on Amazon.com to purchase it as usual. Consumers are able to save the list of items they add to the tool so there is no need to search for the product ID the next time they return, hence they can give their computers a break anytime they wish to. With this tool, consumers will no longer miss out on Amazon.com bestselling items or go through the inconvenience of checking Amazon.com every few minutes. watchmyitems.com does all that, making online shopping experience – whether during the holidays or any time of the year – a breeze. To try out the new A-Grabber tool, visit ..watchmyitems.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: