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Outside the area to prevent illegally parked police post owner buildings to inform each move the car too small parking fee is too expensive, some owners even parked in the area outside the road, specially built WeChat group, saw the police ticketed in the group to inform each to move the car. A few days ago, Mr. Wang (Jiangxia surname) in the online posting reflects this " wonderful thing ". Mr. Wang said that he lived in Jiangxia Yangqiao Lake Avenue sunshine 100 Lake district. Every day there are a lot of private cars parked on the side of the road, from time to time there will be a traffic police to post a ticket. Due to the more expensive residential parking fees, some owners choose to park in the area outside the road, as long as the traffic police in a timely manner before the ticket and found a car, pay fines than parking fees more " cost-effective ". To this end, the owners have even built a special group of WeChat, as long as it was found that the traffic police posted on the group in a hurry to inform each other. Mr. Wang believes that since there is so much demand for parking, why can’t the property reduce parking fees, and whether the traffic control department designated parking spaces in the street? At noon today, the Wuhan evening news reporter saw at the entrance area, the street is a row of shops, one in the three lane road area near the parked nearly 50 vehicles, including several cars stuck on the window yellow " Wuhan city traffic wardens record road parking behavior report & quot; time. As of September 22nd. Illegally parked vehicles placed in a row, more than 100 meters, from time to time someone came to stop or drive away. Reporters asked a few random car owners in this parking, they said it was temporary parking to work, some people go to work in the shop, someone is living in the district. Mr. Zhang said in a shop, the merchant does not have a special parking spaces, the car parked in front of the store without money and convenience, there are many small owners choose to stop the car in the area outside the road. Reporters saw the district did not stop the car parked on the ground. Mr. Han said the owners, residential parking fee is 280 yuan per month, underground parking spaces can be sold, but also temporary parking. Although the price is not low, but the money to stop the car in the district more secure, more secure vehicle safety. But the owners also believe that the parking fee is too expensive, they would prefer to be parked in the area outside the road. Property staff, submitted to the district currently has nearly 4000 residents, a total of 4000 parking spaces, 2400 cars do parking cards, temporary parking for about 300 cars, there is no shortage of parking spaces. For parking fees, they are based on the introduction of the relevant departments of the "Wu price of real word [2004] No. 135 document", combined with the parking situation surrounding lots to pricing, and sign in and residents of the service agreement is marked in the specific charges. Street merchants and consumers can park the vehicle in the field of residential underground parking fees, parking fees and ground. Then, residential street road can be designated parking spaces? East Lake New Technology Development Zone Traffic brigade order section staff, the district road is suitable for parking spaces generally consider two points: first相关的主题文章: