Over the years the national civil service interview questions nine basic introduction

Over the years the national civil service interview questions nine basic introduction

in the civil service interview, nine assessment elements are the core. In order to guide the candidates to demonstrate the ability of a certain element of the assessment of the strength of the situation, the examination unit will be based on the assessment of the elements to set specific questions to ask candidates to answer. Different questions, because of its inherent characteristics vary, resulting in the ability to measure the elements will be different. Therefore, in the civil service interview, the comprehensive application of various kinds of questions, to all aspects of the ability of comprehensive examination candidates. This book from the perspective of practical help students learning perspective, through the summary of the common answer method summed up nine types of interview questions: Hot politics, philosophical thinking, organizational activities, interpersonal situation handling, processing and post matching, verbal expression, professional knowledge, special form class. Chinese public education experts are introduced in this paper.

, a political hot issue

politics hot problem in politics as a hot topic of life proposition material, follow the trend of social development, current affairs policy and the present stage of our country and people’s production and life closely related events. During the interview, the examiner to score the candidates to answer, not only examine whether candidates have the necessary knowledge, and focus on the students logical thinking ability, through the phenomenon of social politics to see the essence of the problem, by solving the root cause of the problem, dilute or eliminate adverse social impact, the positive significance of strengthening social phenomenon, promote social positive energy.

for example, the late autumn season, on both sides of the road filled with golden yellow leaves. Many people feel particularly beautiful, but sanitation workers are due diligence, swept away the leaves in a timely manner, saying that the destruction of the beauty of the people, the sanitation sector must be promptly cleaned up, otherwise there are security risks. What do you think of this?

two, philosophical questions

problem with wisdom, philosophical thinking, philosophical story, philosophical proverbs verse and life philosophy for the proposition on material, the examinee’s values, outlook on life and world, according to the examinee answers the examiner, judge whether candidates meet the value orientation of public officials.

for example, some people say that success can not compromise, not compromise is the cornerstone of success; others say that success requires compromise, compromise is a kind of wisdom. Talk about the relationship between compromise and success with your own experience.

three, organization activity class

organize activities to examine the ability of the candidates to solve the problem, including the ability to co-ordinate the work of the arrangements, the ability to organize the deployment of property, the ability to coordinate the relationship between stakeholders. The proposition will sometimes according to the candidates of different positions, different design scenarios of interview questions, thinking through the examinee answer reflects the examinee have organized activities of experience and ability.

, for example, in order to enhance the cadres of the humanities, county bureau to hold a series of reading activities, if you are responsible, please put forward three creative theme, and one about your specific activities.