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Panic buying quality low price housing 163-183 double quality villa fold 10 thousand and 5 [Abstract] the price is too high, we certainly hope to be able to buy good quality housing in low price, today Xiaobian recommended several high quality low price housing. Fangshan ink Linxi (real estate information owners forum) Fangshan District Doudian, the average price of 15000 yuan square meters of real estate Tencent news ink Lin River is located in Fangshan District Doudian town (sinus Road West). August 27th – the construction of real estate dragon ink Linxi grand opening, the opening day sales of 98%, sales exceeded 320 million! Is currently in the sale of 10 sets of villa quality duplex, area of 163-183 square meters, collection of complex independent terrace, the average price of 15000 yuan square meters. Tencent Beijing Fangshan real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 312318672 ink Linxi view details of the average price of 18000 yuan square meters Xianfang ecological livable real estate Gallery | the latest | owners forum 400-819-1111 610421 ink Lin Xi Ju southwest key development area, enjoy the future of unlimited potential. The ink Lin River project is located in the southwest of Beijing key planning area – Fangshan District Doudian Town, covers an area of 550 thousand square meters, construction area of 630 thousand square meters, the geographical position is superior. From the picturesque scenery resort to CSD central shopping district ", from" one axis along the park "to" Beijing modern high-end manufacturing industry base ", hundreds of billions of investment, the government has repeatedly planning upgrades to make Fangshan District regional value rising, driven by the ink Lin River’s future potential immeasurable. "" "" click to view the views of the above information is only for reference, the final developer to prevail. Abstract: housing prices are too high, of course, we hope to be able to buy a low price of high quality housing, small series today for everyone to recommend a few high-quality low price listings. Langfang Langfang New World Garden (garden villa real estate information) the average price of 13000 yuan square meters of real estate Tencent – New World garden is located in Langfang City, Guangyang District Road and the southwest corner of the Milky Way art avenue. Langfang new world garden in the sale of 7, building No. 8 Garden villa. Villa 7, building No. 6 for the low density residential buildings, each of the 3 units, the ladder of 2 households, the apartment is flat for the level of 189 square meters, jump on the 286 square meters, 179 square meters jump under the 1. Jump to buy a layer to send a layer, the first floor of about 50 square meters of floor sink, on the jump with a free pick up to 8 meters of space, the top floor of about $40 air garden. The average price of 13000 yuan per square metre, property costs 1.87 yuan * month before August 31, 2016, blank endorsed. High-rise building No. 6, the second half of 2016 is expected to push, building 6, two units, 26 layers, 2 ladder 3, apartment layout of 85 square meters with two bedrooms and 130-140 square meters Sanju, price to be determined, is expected to launch in April 2017. Tencent Beijing big Beijing real estate buyers, real estate hot topics discussed. Tencent Beijing purchase 3 group 128868262 Langfang new world garden view details of the average price of 11000 yuan square meters garden villa real estate low price of the latest 400-819-1111 | Gallery 700111 new world garden is a new world to Chinese.相关的主题文章: