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Reference-and-Education It is not less important than your medical knowledge to know the way of getting preparation for the CPC exam as well as taking an effectual strategy for passing the exam. Number of things you need to care about for passing on the first attempt. Make Sure You Understand the Contents of the Exam: One Hundred and Fifty multiple choice questions are broken down into near about fifteen sections. Pathology, medical terminology, aesthesia etc. are among those sections. You must achieve an average of 70% marks to pass. You need to make sure that you have the knowledge on basic coding including the developers, who maintain and updates CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS. General understanding of HIPAA, audit procedures, reimbursement rules and CMS guidelines are other factors you should have. Time Planning: Total duration of five hours and forty minutes exam does not mean that you should spend two minutes and fifteen seconds for every particular question; rather you should know that there are some questions which you will take longer whereas others you can answer instantly. So, better strategy is to answer the easy questions first, passing the harder one for second try. Preparing the Manuals: Prior to approval of ICD-9, CPT and HCPCS manual; the CPC is an open book exam. You must learn the way to mark up your books with important reminders, guidelines, notes and using the bubbling and highlighting approach. Using tabs may be.e helpful for locating certain sections in your manuals. You should also need to follow some techniques to ensure the full answer. For this purpose, you can mark up the wrong answers while crossing out and plan to answer later. The Way to Remain Calm and Focused: There are .mon mistakes happens under pressure. Followings are some of them: Selecting the Wrong One when You Know the Right Answers: This happens frequently, so, always double check to get rid of these anomalies. You also need to be very careful when marking the answer grid. Not Realizing the Question: Read each of the questions and scenarios with great care and collect the keywords that will help you to find the appropriate code or answer. Be careful always, for instance, it is not necessary that a scenario about a 55-year old man always indicates about the age or gender. And this can be a factor in selecting the right code. Leaving a Question without Marking: Although you are not sure always try for best guess. There are at least 25% chances of selecting the right answer. Getting Tensed: You can take deep breaths on a regular basis and leaning back in your chair and closing eyes for few moments may help you to feel better. Fear about a Part of the Exam: There are some parts of the question which may intimidate to you but the important suggestion is not to worry because easy question may .e in that section. Knowing the right way to get prepared for the exam you can pass the CPC exam on the first try. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: