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Most us have fallen victims of a jealous and selfish love from someone who traps, uses and damps us yet wont stand the sight of us in some other genuine lovers arms. Love as it is in the bible is never to be wicked, rather should be pure and not holding grudges. Even so, there are people whose love is opposite of what it should be; it hurts instead of bringing joy, envious when it is supposed to be free and the like. One may then wonder, why they should receive it in the first place, why they can not teach their hearts to reject it and why they foolishly gives in to its demands regardless of how much it has ruined them. Most assuredly, anyone can identify with this kind of love that has put us through incredible suffering, trouble with others, unhappiness yet it difficult to let go. Why? I will tell you why: This love never say goodbye and mean it At least a good number of people have had a lover that they really adored, but abruptly broke up their engagements with them, yet giving unclear reasons. And because their love for them is the kind described in the 1 Corinthians.13:4-7, 13, they convince themselves that it is ok to accept heartbreak from someone you truly love. At first they may seem unsure about their decision with all the methods of getting this valued love back flooding their minds. But as time passes, God helps them over.e this temptation. Only when their hard work start bearing fruits so that they start considering a second chance of love with a different person, the Ex-lover bounces back. And now they .e back with all kinds of craze ranging from phone calls and messages of love to those of threats and revenge. Some will even write a lot begging for forgiveness, admitting that they were wrong and stupid to let you go, therefore requesting your forgiveness. Others will keep knocking at the door every time they know their past lover is around and it is not even the police will deter them from getting them back! Some will be very inquisitive of what one has been doing with their lives since they broke up and most specifically if there could be another person. So they will check your bag as the female, scroll your email messages or even ordering to know who the persons on your cell phonebook are to you. Back to square one True love is forgiving and will be loyal to this ex-love at whatever cost, which is definitely very unfair on the part of those who gives it genuinely only to receive pain and misunderstandings. These ex who broke up the relationship know the weaknesses of the aggrieved and these are the weapons he or she uses to ruin their healing progress. Before one realizes it, they are showering this shameless ex-lover with all their affection and forgiveness in the trust that they are sure and sorry of their mistakes. The game is over Thinking that he or she has changed during the period of separation, one will only be subjected to the same person they knew before. You know the reason why many are swift to pardon besides being true lovers; is believe that this is the solution for their loneliness. READ MORE INFORMATION ON THIS ARTICLE FOLLOWING THE LINK SHOWN BELOW Re.mendations On Dating An Italian Woman By: Kain Black – Rome Dating is a site for Italian Singles seeking love, romance, chat and dating. Italy Dating is where rome singles can have meetups and read italian singles profiles 100% free. Tags: Site Designing Corporation: What Specifically Can It Do For You? By: Kain Black – In Tirupur, website development is of High demand. 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