Philippine President Chinese to plead for fishermen to take us as brothers don’t when the enemy Mili-innawoods

Philippine President Chinese for fishermen to plead: take us as brothers don’t when the enemy Military Channel – Sohu Global Times reported: according to the "Philippines Daily Inquirer" reported that the country’s president Duthel Te 29 at the national heroes memorial speech, personal name to the presence of the Chinese ambassador Zhao Jianhua requested let the fishermen of Philippines to the South China Sea fishing. Duthel Te said, "I hope Chinese mind Philippines, I hope you take us as brothers, don’t be enemies. I hope you realize our plight." Philippines Rappler News Network said, at present, the Philippine fishermen to Huangyan Island, including the disputed waters are still Chinese police block fishing. Zhao Jianhua responded that he admired Walter maintenance in the Philippine friendship act. Chinese people have the hearts of the philippines. Despite the difficulties in the Sino Philippine relations, but the two countries have been friends, partners and even relatives. I believe the friendship between the two countries will continue to deepen. In his speech, Duthel Te reiterated his willingness to hold bilateral talks with China, said it would not use the talks to show off the results of the South China Sea arbitration. He said, I will not mention this, because it can only allow China to break the dialogue. I suggest that all soft landing". Just 3 days ago, Duthel Te said that any bilateral dialogue with China should be based on the results of the South China Sea arbitration case. The Associated Press said Duthel Te 29 speech also said it would not immediately put pressure on China to comply with the results of the South China Sea arbitration, but the future will do so. Duthel Te said, "ambassador, maybe your country should give us time to grow our military power. Your military advantage is too great". The joke caused laughter. Rappler news network, said Zhao Jianhua, 29, reiterated the Philippine media, China’s position is not to accept the results of the so-called South China Sea arbitration, but said China is seeking to expand bilateral dialogue with the philippines.相关的主题文章: