Please do not let our children into the idol fast food era – Sohu maternal and child-jiuyaogan

Please don’t let the children enter the "fast" idol – Sohu "Idol", once the child has changed countless people’s lives, the once powerful words, don’t know today, how many people still have the "idol"! Let’s think about it. Do you still have an idol in your heart? Who is your idol now? I remember I was in junior high school, my idol is Beyond’s Wong Ka Kui, because he never let me love music, the children fall in love with music, I never dared to let this stand singing in front of people children opened his mouth, and began to play the guitar, and worked hard every day and night, ten fingers rub on a thick layer of cocoon, I and my friends also come together to form our own band, and boarded the stage of the school performances, this is the idol for me the strength. Then I fell in love with Taekwondo, inadvertently let me into the ITF Taekwondo world, general Cui Hongxi became my idol, he let me love the most over the summer and winter, only know that sleep and play after the children leave, both become a hot summer, cold winter, will never give up on training get up early, late winter training 39 day summer training, the goal is to be like Cui Hongxi general as a great man, this is the idol for me the strength. Everyone has the hearts of their own idols, idols let us change, idols let us continue to chase and strive for. Do you know the swimming champion Phelps? His idol is Michael · Jordan, he hopes to be in the swimming world be like Jordan in basketball so great, so he continued efforts, his idol is the driving force and direction, Phelps finally realized his dream. Also, this year the Rio Olympics in the 100 meter butterfly, Singapore young scullion beat Phelps and became champion, we want to know the schooling childhood idol is Phelps, now has finally defeated the veteran, and at the same time, Deng and veteran on the podium, but he stood on the medals podium position! "Idol", can lead us to become the idol of that person, let us become so hard, in fact, is not the idol of each of our hearts to God, but a spiritual support for us, as a young writer said: "the idol is never high in, but each of us an ordinary man’s dream and hope." We look back at today’s era, and now the network is developed, we can not leave each of the network, but also remember that we have been criticized as a child when we surf the Internet teachers and elders? Look at them again today, they have become the status of the mobile phone. It is conceivable that the network is affecting us all the time. In the network era brings us convenience, but also changed our life, we often do now is kept in the network, forwarding, comments midpoint praise, today become his fans, a few days and become another idol fans, now has become the "fast" every day, at the stage of the road turn pink turn road!相关的主题文章: