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Popovich: I wish all the best in the Durant warriors – Sohu sports the sports news October 26th according to the "Sanantonio Express News" reporter Jeff McDonald reports, the Spurs and warriors of the regular season opener will be started soon after, before the game, the Spurs coach Greg Popovich in an interview about Kevin Durant. Four months ago, Popovich sat in a conference table opposite Durant, tried to persuade the four time NBA scoring to come to Sanantonio. Wait until the two meet again, is already at the end of the United States in the United States men’s basketball Mini camp, Durant was already one of the warriors of the 7. "We have the Olympic Friendship, I wish him all the best," Popovich said today, "he made a decision, he has made a good decision. The decision depends on how you do it. 10%, you have to do everything you can to make sure he’s a good decision and I’m sure he will." Popovich hasn’t seen too much of their pre-season video since the warriors brought in Durant. "I think they’re going to be great," Popovich said."相关的主题文章: