Prepare for a lawsuit! Joseph Lau set aside billions to Gambi and son (video)-darren hayes

Prepare for a lawsuit! Joseph Lau set aside billions of Wang Xiaofei and his son and his son to do together to prevent Lv Lijun Joseph Lau appeared property dispute lawsuit for Tencent to prepare entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, Joseph Lau (Liu) recently issued a statement and Lv Lijun broke up, then personally interviewed by the media, then shelling Lv Lijun often with different reasons insatiably avaricious, asking him for money, so he decided to break up with her dead heart. But Lv Lijun responded to call Liu "husband", "don’t give up more called Liu, EQ high to burst lamp! Earlier media reports that Lv Lijun and the children originally in the Liu family trust beneficiary list, but in China the previous annual reports, Lv Lijun has been deleted and children have changed into big words, Liu and several other family members for their eligible beneficiaries, Liu has been suspected and Lv Lijun prepared to draw the line. It is reported that Liu Wei will have some anti action, has set aside 10 billion to his son Liu Mingwei and his girlfriend gambia. Liu accepted an interview, said: Lv Lijun invited a group of lawyers! Even if the future will, she may have to find a way to play for the lawsuit, knowing that may lose, she dragged you 10 years 8 years, make my heritage freeze, no money and her lawsuit Gambia and my children, so I finally made her thanks to the family, each time not afraid of billions. A lawsuit with her, and I do not concede, Ming Wei said, 10 years, and she."相关的主题文章: