Professor Lu Binglun ear cartilage as nose tip what benefits

technology is a comprehensive rhinoplasty, nose, nose, nose, root timber needs everywhere thoughtful, alone here we do use the tip of ear cartilage.

knows L prosthesis are vulnerable to pressure from the impact of the tip to take hold, and I often use ear cartilage pad here as a protective cushion for L shaped nose prosthesis. I usually take the small ear cartilage pad between the prosthesis and the tip of skin and soft tissue, the main effect is not high but the pressure of the buffer pad, the impact of prosthesis on the nose, to prevent possible skin penetration problems. Mat of ear cartilage after you can get good nose shape. But there will be a hard tip, prosthesis slip away from skew, therefore, high requirements on the doctor’s technology here.

sometimes in order to elevate the nose, I will multi-layer graft of ear cartilage. For the low nasal dorsum is obvious, but the conditions still people use ear cartilage multi-layer transplantation in the tip of the nose can obtain satisfactory height and shape, the dorsal separately corresponding lungau willow shaped prosthesis, can avoid many problems such as infection, foreign body granuloma, contracture tension deformation, nose skin ulceration the risk of. Can be more natural, simulation results.

not everyone can accept rhinoplasty with autogenous costal cartilage, and therefore there are problems for the United States, collapse, low dew, short for the nose, then simply use the integrated plastic ear cartilage of the nose structural adjustment is relatively conservative and feasible, it requires a doctor to have a more flexible ear cartilage tips, this method of operation of a higher degree of difficulty, but can get more natural, simulation results, for fear of rib cartilage for the United States is still very practical way. But the collapse of the nose is not suitable for those who do not apply to the United states.

, after all, ear cartilage belongs to elastic cartilage, supporting force and plasticity is not strong, the United States must find out clearly and then choose their own way of rhinoplasty.