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Property overnight change! A single, breach of contract, the subscription of new homes plunged (Figure) original title: property change overnight! Back order! Breach of contract! The subscription of new homes plunged! When he saw the tall buildings, he collapsed. National Day, has become a national day robbery". Because the 20 city property market regulation policy of the bombing, night market atmosphere suddenly frozen, the volume of cliff style decline. The industry believes that China’s real estate market in the experience of a put crazy, into a closed on the death of a new stage. The next 3 years, may have been the consolidation period. The purchase of Beatdown, property overnight change, a city volume downhill, the moment the seller’s market into a buyer’s market. Starving people fill the land! Is the property market turnover fell cliff style before and after the National Day golden week, the 20 city of the purchase order issued, directly affect the expectations of buyers. Much of the real estate market in Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing Starving people fill the land., hot city of new volume appear cliff style decline. The following is unbelievable data: Beijing, according to incomplete statistics, National Day period (October 1st -10 6), the Beijing property market turnover in 291 sets, in the previous 6 days (September 25th -9 30), the Beijing property market volume reached 1066 sets, Volume 3 insufficient before. Shenzhen and the rise of China’s property market is the most Shenzhen property market, even a single day turnover of poor single digits. In October 1st, the Shenzhen property market turnover in 246 sets of data, data of October 2nd dropped to 12 units, to October 3rd, only 8 sets of 16072. Nanjing in this round of price increases, topped the second tier city, also directly into the winter from summer. Data show that the National Day period (October 1st -10 6), the Nanjing property market average daily turnover in 138 sets, and in the 6 days before the National Day (September 25th -9 30), the data reached 744 units, that is to say the lack of volume regulation after the new deal before 2. It is worth mentioning that, in October 3rd and 4, respectively, the volume of only 29 units, the lowest record in recent years. Hangzhou Hangzhou property market also doomed. Since October, the Hangzhou daily new homes signed copy has appeared six times.   Suzhou, Suzhou in October 3rd after the introduction of the new deal, the transaction price fell sharply.   Dongguan in October 6th, Dongguan released the purchase of the new deal. The news spread, many sales staff to inform buyers to sign, which also makes the contract data bursting yesterday. Data show that in October 6th Dongguan turnover of 1385 new residential units, closing an area of 165 thousand and 700 square meters, the average price of 18297.64 yuan per square meter, 16072 seven times in October 5th, and one day a week is August signing contract amount. According to the Daily News reported yesterday, before the purchase of the policy came out, Dongguan net signed data only about 600 sets, which means that there are nearly 700 residential units is signed in policy released after the catch. However, as of yesterday, 20 points, Dongguan city residential turnover of only 164 sets. The industry believes that the National Day period, 20 city issued a series of market regulation policy, restriction, limited credit policies continue to overweight, enough to see the "eleven" the property market is crazy.相关的主题文章: