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Software Protecting your privacy online is about more than just making sure you have an anti-virus installed and functioning on your computer. If you communicate personal financial information or sensitive details over the Internet, you could be putting yourself at risk by not having a password manager installed on your computer. Keyloggers can be installed as rogue applications in any foreign .exe from any source, so even installing a small game you found for free could present a potential risk. Once installed, keyloggers do not make their presence known. Instead, they keep a log of every keystroke your computer makes and then it reports this information back to the attacker. Once the information is in the attacker’s hands, he can then analyze your browsing patterns, see where you’ve gone to a specific site, and then use the information you typed in to get into virtually any site you logged into with the keylogger installed. Having a PC password manager can help protect you from keylogger attacks by storing your password securely. Choosing to download password manager software can help prevent these attacks as they store the data on your computer in an encrypted file that is then accessed whenever you want to browse your favorite sites that require a login. Sticky Password is a lightweight password management solution because it sits quietly until it is ready to perform its duty, providing you with an easy way to fill out online forms and remember passwords. The best part of the software is because there are no keystrokes involved beyond the initial setup, even if your computer is attacked with a keylogger, either internal or external, you are safe. Passwords are generated and entered on the fly, making logging into sites and filling out forms a quick experience. The best part of the software is that it is portable. Loading Sticky Password onto a thumb drive means you can quickly take all of your passwords and information with you, so there is no need to feel unsafe using someone else’s computer and worrying whether or not it may have malware that could hijack your information. Because of its ease of use, small size, and portability, Sticky Password ( ..stickypassword.. ) is one of the best password manager programs available on the market today. The software is .pletely free to use as well, which means there’s no reason not to try it out and see if it will work for you as a password management solution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: