Provincial CPPCC eleven session of the five meeting received a total of 751 proposals

Provincial CPPCC eleven session of the five meeting received a total of 751 proposalsSince the five meeting of the eleven session of the

news network in the Yellow River province CPPCC opening, the CPPCC participating units and the CPPCC members to conscientiously implement the spirit of the eighteen and eighteen session of third, fourth and fifth, the six plenary session, in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and governing the new concept of new ideas and new strategy. Adhere to the overall layout of "five in one" and "the four overall strategic layout, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee" a great idea guidance, Liang Shouying "and the eleven Congress of the province, the provincial Party committee eleven two plenary session cum economic work conference spirit, focus on deepening the supply side structural reform and transition comprehensive reform pilot area of the main line on the transformation of industry," six projects "and promote the" three to drop a ", the overall revitalization of the real economy, deepening the reform of economic system, Cu Jinnong Industry production and farmers’ income and the integration of urban and rural development, increase development and expand opening up, the implementation of poverty alleviation and improve people’s livelihood and well-being of six major tasks and various reform initiatives to promote, carefully selected topic, in-depth research, actively use the proposal to perform their functions and suggestions, fully embodies the CPPCC participating units and the majority of members of the CPPCC sense of responsibility and mission.

as of 8 a.m. on January 16, 2017, the general assembly received a proposal of 751 pieces. Among them, the Democratic Party committee of the province, the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, people’s organizations, industry and provincial CPPCC special committee collective proposal 232, members of the proposal of 519. According to the relevant provisions of the CPPCC Shanxi Provincial Committee proposal regulations, after the proposal committee review, filing 687, accounting for a total of 91.48% of the proposal, to a letter of 64, accounting for the total number of proposals of 8.52%. In the filing of the proposal, 241, economic construction accounted for 35.08%; 41, political construction accounted for 5.97%; 155, cultural construction accounted for 22.56%; 225, social construction accounted for 32.75%; 25 aspects of ecological civilization construction, accounting for 3.64%.


proposal reflected by the content, cover a wide range of areas, highlighting the problem oriented, involving all aspects of economic and social development in our province; proposal suggestions targeted and practical, with strong pertinence and operability, to create the beautiful image, to achieve the revitalization of Shanxi Shanxi rise, accelerate the pace of building a moderately prosperous society has an important reference value.


proposal according to export assigned by the principle, has begun to distribute relevant units for handling. As a letter to deal with the proposal, will also be forwarded to the relevant units as a reference. At the same time, the provincial CPPCC key proposal will carry out the selection and supervision work to promote the proposals for the implementation of.