Python storm wood floated across Zhangzhou disc Xiamen Baicheng spyair

Python storm wood floated across Zhangzhou plate in Xiamen Baicheng? Who knows drifting in the sea days, what this snake experienced! ? it is a strong python, rain storm disc escaped in a period of being out of the ground roots. However, the root of the dock is the point of the Baicheng sea, it nowhere to escape. Fortunately, there are people in time to find the weak it…… More than 5? 17 in the afternoon, the public Mr. Gong et al walking in Baicheng, affected by the typhoon, at this time, there are some floating wood on a Baicheng beach, where a piece of wood at the bottom and the roots. This was originally a tree, because of the typhoon, the wind and rain swept away, drifted into the sea, the last stop in Baicheng. ? at this time, it was found that the roots even exposed a triangular head! Mr. Gong et al subsequently found that this wood, really set a snake! ? ordinary snakes can not own from the nearby ran to the beach, it looks like it should be in the storm, followed the wood together after drifting, docked in Baicheng sea, it is difficult to imagine, these two days it has experienced many challenges for survival. ? gongxiansheng found this snake seems a bit tired, no escape, no food to eat, his strong awareness of ecological protection, linked to the forestry sector. The forestry staff quickly rushed to the scene, saw the snake, recognize it is a python. The snake usually lives in the mountains, and now appears here, should be affected by the typhoon. In addition, it is speculated that this piece of wood is likely to drift over there in Zhangzhou, to be true, it’s adventure experience has unimaginable twists and turns. ? forestry personnel, this snake is about two years old, a little more than one meter long. The snake is a national protected animal, Mr. Gong gratified. Herald reporter learned that the snake was saved when weak, however, after a day of forestry personnel maintenance, it is a good recovery, has been released yesterday.相关的主题文章: