Quzhou Man 3 times to the ancient city wall splashed paint was sentenced to find stimulation, very e-peepsamurai

Quzhou Man 3 times to the ancient city wall splash paint was sentenced to find excitement is very enjoyable, Quzhou is an ancient city, retains a large number of Ming and Qing Dynasties building. The Shuiting door bell tower and the ancient city walls, is a landmark of cultural relics in Quzhou, belong to the national key cultural relic protection units. However, Quzhou Men Liu in order to seek stimulation, but continuously to the two ancient buildings on the oil. In September 20th, Liu was due to intentional crime of damaging relics, Kecheng District of Quzhou city court sentenced to three years imprisonment, probation and fined 1000 yuan in three years and six months. Liu, 36 years old, lives in the suburbs of Quzhou. According to his account, he usually love to the wall, the paint spilled soup. In order to seek greater stimulation, he looked at the ancient buildings in Quzhou city. At the end of February this year, while Ryu electric car repair opportunity for a bottle of waste oil to the mechanic. After that, he alone came to ride electric vehicles Shuiting door, will waste oil spill in the ancient city wall, then fled the scene. After a success, Liu felt very happy, and the target to the bell tower. In March 4th, Liu from an electric car dealers spend 5 yuan to buy 500 ml of waste oil, ride to the tower, will waste oil spilled in the ancient buildings. The morning of March 22nd 11, Liu in the gas station for 1 pounds of waste oil, once again came to the tower and spilled oil, while people are not prepared to flee. The city wall and the bell tower were continuously polluted with oil, which caused the public security organs and cultural relics protection departments to attach great importance to it. In the afternoon of the last crime committed by Liu, the police arrested him. Kecheng District People’s Procuratorate staff, according to the relevant provisions of the law, knowing is the precious cultural relics protection or the national key cultural relics protection units to be deliberately damaged, will constitute the crime of deliberately damaging relics. If the cultural relics are damaged or destroyed many times, they will be deemed as "serious circumstances", and they will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years and not more than ten years and be fined. Quzhou City Kecheng District People’s court, Liu’s behavior constituted a crime of deliberately damaging relics, is to make the decision.

衢州男子3次朝古城墙泼油漆被判刑 称为寻刺激很过瘾   衢州是一座古城,保留了大量明清时期的建筑。其中水亭门古城墙和明代钟楼,更是衢州的地标式文物,均属于全国重点文保单位。   然而,衢州男子刘某为寻求刺激,竟连续往这两处古建筑上泼机油。9月20日,刘某因故意损毁文物罪,被衢州市柯城区法院依法判处有期徒刑三年,缓刑三年六个月,并处罚金1000元。   刘某今年36岁,家住衢州城郊。   据他交代,自己平时就喜欢往墙上泼洒菜汤、油漆。为了寻求更大的刺激,他把目光盯上了衢州城里的古建筑。   今年2月底,刘某趁修理电动车的机会,向修车师傅索要了一瓶废机油。之后,他独自一人骑电动车来到水亭门,将废机油泼洒在古城墙上,随后逃离现场。   一次得手后,刘某觉得很过瘾,又将目标对准了钟楼。   3月4日,刘某从一家电动车行花5元钱购买了500毫升废机油,骑车来到钟楼,将废机油泼洒在古建筑上。3月22日上午11点多,刘某又在加油站索要了1斤废柴油,再次来到钟楼泼洒油污,并趁人不备逃离。   水亭门城墙、钟楼连续遭人泼油污,引起了公安机关和文物保护部门的高度重视。就在刘某最后一次作案的当天下午,警方就将其抓获。   柯城区人民检察院工作人员介绍,根据相关法律规定,明知是国家保护的珍贵文物或者重点文物保护单位而予以故意损毁的,将构成故意损毁文物罪。如若多次损毁或者损毁多处文物的,将被认定为“情节严重”,依法将判处三年以上十年以下有期徒刑并处罚金。   经衢州市柯城区人民法院审理,刘某的行为已构成故意损毁文物罪,故依法作出上述判罚。相关的主题文章: