Robots start taking out

  robot began to take out of the United States two cities take the lead in testing

January 20th news, according to foreign media reports, unlike FedEx UAV, facing a series of rules, so that their commercial viability is uncertain, wheeled robot startups Starship the robot has launched a home delivery service, to send the parcel, time is not a few years later but from today.

Starship wheeled robot

Starship wheeled robot is equipped with six wheels, less than 2 feet tall, net weight of about 40 pounds, walking speed of 4 miles per hour. In the future, these robots will automatically shuttle in the crowd, there must be someone next to control the steering, and record the situation. Each robot distribution Express day about 10 single.

Starship wheeled robot

Starship is working with takeaway O2O company DoorDash and crowdsourcing logistics platform Postmates. DoorDash has got the test permit will be tested in the state of California rosewood City, Starship has received 76000 orders at bay city. At the same time, according to TechCrunch reports, Postmates also began in Washington, DC delivery test. If the robot delivery errors, Postmates allows the customer withdrawals, while DoorDash customers are not so lucky.

DoorDash co-founder Stanley Tang said in a blog on Wednesday, we want to use the robot to transport those smaller, shorter orders, and gradually achieve greater and more complex transport services.

Starship wheeled robot

this is the first time for Starship to enter the United States retail delivery. Last week, Starship has just received $17 million 200 thousand in financing, has been testing its robots in more than and 10 cities, mainly in the United Kingdom, and has a research partnership with University of Arkansas.