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Rolling "startling step by step: drama on fire" Li, ratings break 20 secret – Korean entertainment Sohu "cloud painting Moonlight" and "startling step by step: Li" broadcast the same time, the ratings continued high, yesterday was a record breaking 20 its highest ratings! Far more than before the broadcast was pinned up: "Li" startling step by step, almost completely rolling! Why is "the moonlight of the cloud painting" stand out in many works? Xiaobian really admire this writer is simply "scheming bitch". Why is this show a great success, the secret in the end? The story is not procrastination, compact: a lot of love idol play the heroine is to go through "challenges" and "misunderstanding" in order to determine each other’s mind, this routine has let the audience fatigued. In the "Moonlight" in the clouds when Prince Li? Don’t know women Hongle? Is Nvbannanzhuang case, still inconsiderate eye care and love of music? Never hide. And even when I find myself in love! Of course, when I know that the other is a daughter. Here there was no doubt that he is not gay "heart story, this trend forward romance, love! The impact of the end: "the moonlight of the cloud" each episode has a heart of the line. "Pray for God to fulfill your desires, that is my wish." "I can’t see, I am angry, I feel crazy."". Pu Baojian is overbearing president of the upper body! Actor acting superb: I heard that Jin Yuzhen is 99 years old, small age, acting really good. Every detail, every action, every expression, trembling voice, soulful eyes! Of course is the most important actor: see this drama small park has been the sword smile, good warm! Good sue! From the "1988" please answer Cui Jian’s innocence, to "cloud painted Moonlight" wangshizi gentle gentleman and Lee?. The success of the sword sword girl heart. Estimated to be the next national husband! Today, "the moonlight of the cloud" updated tenth episodes! Le? Back behind the daughter, what will happen to you! Go to the market when the application can quickly download the movie search can watch! Disclaimer: This article is the original production of entertainment gossip Jun, if reproduced please indicate the source! More intelligent TV information also pay attention to smart TV network micro-blog, WeChat: zndscom. Also by focusing on entertainment gossip: micro-blog Jun @ non negligent W attack, know the latest gossip Studio Entertainment. When the shellfish Market Download: the history of the most complete smart TV smart TV box installed when the shellfish Market: China to adhere to the science and technology course of investment return rate of ROI is to enhance the effect of the standard to provide our clients with professional and WeChat mobile terminal application development, business platform construction and operation, the high-end HTML5 website construction, network marketing, business outsourcing case service, advertising design, enterprise information system development and integration services. hit相关的主题文章: