Rookie and female guests with biscuits voice he has not grown up ah-pigeon blood

Rookie and female guests each containing biscuits fans sound: he hasn’t grown. [Abstract]8 24, iG LOL in a single player Rookie Marine Division in a variety show broadcast, and interactive play the female guests sit ups biscuits game. Rookie fans have said they have been carrying knives on the road.. It is reported that, Rookie is a guest to participate in his boss Wang Sicong in the panda TV to create a reality show hello! Goddess ". Although Rookie’s Chinese language skills are strong enough for everyone to see, but I did not expect to be able to participate in the entertainment program from LOL players! In the show, female guests need to do push ups, Rookie will hold the female guests feet. Female guests will need Rookie mouth biscuits to eat less than four cm in sit ups up. Our Rookie baby is also very shy, before the game began to make a face, it seems this time for the king of the president’s program, Rookie is also spelled out ah! The following is a comment on Rookie fans: Xiao Bian language: we are just a baby chicken ah! Let the boy go!相关的主题文章: