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Running is a science women running must know 26 things running is a science, women running must know that these 26 small things. As a beauty of the girls, who began running in order to lose weight, fling caution to the winds to run, the more that running is a science; the longer run were found, some running knowledge should know earlier. If I had known after running to stretch my legs would not be so rough, if I knew after running the stomach is very fragile, I would not eat that stomachache, if I knew the running not anxious, I wouldn’t have a running knee. ………… But the most sad thing in the world is that money is hard to buy. As long as I know a woman who likes to run, I still have a lot of questions Can you run when you are pregnant? Lactation can run it? How many kilometers per month is the most healthy woman? ………… These women running problems you have no experience running your lying gun to collate all the answers about the female world marathon champion Sun Yingjie running fast poke below to find out the answer you want it 1, running for four years, every run is a whole leg right leg tingling feeling? A: the main blood circulation is not good, it is recommended in the waist below, with a massage shaft massage waist and two legs, increase blood circulation will be good. 2, with the speed of the old in more than 7 points, not to mention? Answer: the need to improve heart and lung function and leg strength. Heart and lung function to enhance the speed is very slow, but the rhythm quickly to stimulate the heart and lung function. 3, run five kilometers per day in the heart rate between 160~170? Answer: we must control the pulse rate and good morning, must not be started in 150, must be controlled below 150, but the effective exercise is more than 180, if at the end of the 500 meters or about 170 kilometers can be appropriate to break or 180 can be. 4, why not run during the period of normal? Answer: women are very special, a month can be said only 20 days of normal training, the remaining ten days to ten days of official holiday, it must pay attention to rest, not strenuous exercise. 5, how to enhance the strength of the legs, climbing or running mountain? Answer: in the steep mountain climbing and mountain sports are not good, bad for the knee. You can choose to have a mountain road to do mountain climbing, or choose the strength of the three joint training, running, etc.. 6, run how to wipe sunscreen? Answer: face should be water, and then milk, and finally wipe sunscreen. The body should first wipe body milk, and then wipe sunscreen. Absolutely can not be directly put sunscreen on the body will be a lot of damage. 7, with the president of acne makeup run it? Answer: it should be endocrine problems, or makeup clogging problem. 8, pregnancy can exercise? A: the first three months of pregnancy is not allowed to exercise, after a period of three months can be a small step slowly, the amount of the appropriate amount of five months.相关的主题文章: