Russia said that in 2025 the first sixth generations of unmanned aircraft flying speed of 5 Maher antik

According to the Russian first flew in 2025 sixth generation of unmanned aircraft speed 5 Maher data figure: the Russian sixth generation UAV equipped with microwave weapon – the future battlefield "shadow killer" original title: Russian sixth generation UAV equipped with microwave weapons in 2025 or the first flight after years of development and application, the UAV has become the important equipment on the battlefield. Indispensable, the development of intelligent countries has not ceased. The United States X-47B, Europe’s "neurons" are the representative of UAV intelligent attempt. Russia as a military power is not far behind, in the near future announced the sixth generation unmanned aircraft program – speed of 5 Maher, the addition of microwave weapons. It’s a very small step. Microwave weapon RF weapons, mainly using directional microwave emission device of electron beam energy or chemical energy into high power microwave energy, can effectively attack the target within a radius of tens of kilometers, electronic equipment directly "blind" enemy, and there is power of life have a fatal threat to pilots etc.. With the development of science and technology, the light weight, high power, can meet the needs of space operations and small microwave UAV carrying weapons is a step into reality. At present, Russia has developed a new type of ultra high frequency microwave weapon which can make the UAV and the high precision weapon attack invalid. It is said that Russia is stepping up the development of the sixth generation of fighter aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, is expected to 2025, the UAV will be equipped with microwave weapons to achieve the first flight.相关的主题文章: